My legendary shaman


I have been leveling my shaman for a while now, a few levels every now and then when I had time. The plan was to level through dungeons as restoration so I picked Sharas’dal, Scepter of Tides as my first artifact weapon. But I wanted to be able to solo quests as well so I picked the elemental weapon, The Fist of Ra-den, as my second artifact weapon because I used to have elemental as my off spec in previous expansions. I never really liked elemental, it was just a spec I had to have to be able to solo. Things haven’t changed, I still don’t like it.. So I went and got my third artifact weapon, the Doomhammer, and enhancement turned out to be incredible fun! I’ve never really played enhancement before because my main spec was restoration and all my gear had intellect on it, so it was simpler to have elemental as off spec. But it’s so much easier now when the gear got both intellect and agility!

My BF leveled with me, first on his priest and then restoration druid. We did both quests and dungeons. I played enhancement more than I played restoration because he wanted to heal in dungeons. Now on 110 my plan is to have restoration as my main spec, but I might try out enhancement in PvP because it looks like a lot of fun.

A funny story… I hit 110 and thought I might try to do some world quest for gear upgrades, because my gear was terrible and I wanted to increase my item level to be able to queue heroic dungeons and looking for raid. So I did some quests that rewarded gear and noticed I had completed 3/4 Warden quests and went to complete the fourth one. Then I went to Warden’s Redoubt to complete the quest for doing four world quest and get the box and artifact power. So, I just completed my first four world quests and got my first box.

Can you guess what was in it?


LEGENDARY!!! My first legendary in Legion, on my shaman, my alt, that had been level 110 for only a couple of hours… My druid still doesn’t have a legendary which I think is a bit strange because I have done so many world quests and quite a few dungeons. It seems like almost everyone else, at least in my guild, have gotten their legendary, many even got two.. Well, some of them have played much more than me and they raid every week which I don’t. But still, I hope it will be my druid’s turn to get a legendary soon.

How many characters have you leveled to 110? Do you have a legendary?

Exploring the other side


The Horde has always been my favorite faction. I’ve only played Alliance for short time in Wrath of the Lich King when I leveled my druid Syrco to join a raiding guild on Alliance. It felt a bit wrong to be on that side because I’d always been Horde. But I stayed Alliance for Ulduar, Trial of the Crusader and Icecrown Citadel. This was also when I leveled my shaman Tojo. I went back to Horde in the end of the expansion and my druid and shaman became Horde.

I haven’t played a lot on the Alliance side since then. I only leveled a worgen mage to 85 in Cataclysm to see the worgen zone and to see what it was like being Alliance at that time, but I stopped playing it after a few hours on 85 because I didn’t have anyone to play with and went back to Horde.

I’ve wanted a max level character on Alliance for a while now because it’s so much easier to play with friends from other realms now and I haven’t leveled an Alliance in Pandaria so I would like to see what it’s like. My boyfriend and I decided to level up some characters together. We finally had some spare time to play now after the move and between work and enjoying the summer.


So he created a night elf priest and I created a pandaren shaman. My shaman is called Polarlys which directly translates to polar light, but it means the aurora, both borealis (north) and australis (south). I chose a pandaren because I really like the pandarens and my Horde shaman is also a pandaren. I wanted to level a shaman because it’s one of my favorite classes and I’ve never leveled as enhancement so that’s what I’m doing now, but I might go resto and heal when I hit max level. We’re on Frostmane EU and would like to join a Scandinavian guild as socials.

Leveling today is so easy, with all the heirlooms, fast queue for dungeons and right now the Darkmoon Faire carousel buff which gives you 10% extra experience. We’re not playing every day, but I think we’ll level up pretty fast. If anyone of you are leveling an alliance character on EU and would like to join us for a few dungeons, let me know :D

Do you have characters on both Horde and Alliance? Which faction is your favorite and why?


Alt Appreciation: Monk week

Laeleiweyn of World of Lae started a challenge where we are to celebrate our alts. Every class has its own week and during that week we’ll post something about that class.

I haven’t had time to finish my alt appreciation posts, because I went away on holiday after mage week and when I got back there was just so much going on. But I’ll continue now and I might post more than one post each week.



First time I played a monk was on the Mists of Pandaria beta. My boyfriend had decided to reroll monk and level up on the release day so I thought I’d keep him company and level a monk with him. I wrote a post about our plan and how we prepared, you can read it here. The plan worked very well and we had good use of all the pots, flasks and gear we had prepared. It’s was a lot of fun to level a monk up for the first time. But I decided to switch to my druid when my monk hit 85 because my druid was still going to be my main. My plan was to level up the monk after but it’s still stuck on level 85. But I haven’t forgotten about it, and I will level it up to 90 one day.

The hunter project

I don’t have a hunter, not on Kazzak. My old hunter is a goblin still stuck on level 85 on Chromaggus and I can’t really afford to move it and race change it, cause I don’t want to play a goblin hunter anymore. My bf has his shaman stuck on another realm and Alliance, so we decided to level up a hunter and shaman, both pandaren. I’m not sure if I wanna play it on 90 or not, cause I’m very happy with my druid main and shaman alt, but maybe I’ll try it out a little. I was survival on my old hunter but I didn’t like it, so I’m leveling this one as marksmanship but I might try beast mastery later and catch some good-looking pets.

Do any of your guys play a hunter? Which is most fun, PvP or PvE? And which spec? Any favorite pets I should get?

Preparing for MoP and monk leveling

There is only one and a half week left until Mists of Pandaria release. I’ve already preordered the game from my local game store and will be there at their midnight opening. I’m in no rush to be the first to level up, but of course I want to be able to play that night.

I’m not going to reroll, but I think I’ll level a monk at release, at least to level 85 and then switch to my druid, mostly because think monk is an interesting and fun class and because my bf is going to reroll a monk and it would be nice if we could play together.

I know most people who are leveling monks at release are planning on leveling by questing, but I find questing so boring so we thought we’d level by instances if the queue is good, also because I’d like to try to level as Mistweaver and he’d like to level as Brewmaster. So we’ve already leveled a bit on the beta, been trying to choose race and which zone to start in and where to continue and when untill we get to 15 and are able to queue for dungeons. We won’t level pandarians cause there will be so crowded, imagine both Horde and Alliance, in the start zone. And there is no mailbox there so we won’t be able to send any heirlooms or join a guild. So I’m thinking tauren, mostly because I love taurens and they look cute and funny, so not choosing for the racial.

We tried leveling together in one zone by doing quests which was slow, took us about 2 hours to get to level 15 including moving to the same zone. Then we tried leveling by ourselves in our own start zone which went faster but we ran out of good quests in the end and spend more time running between the quest area and the quest giver, so it was optimal. We then decided we’d only quest to level 9 in the start zone and then move to a 10-20 zone where you can actually start at level 9 and with heirlooms you won’t have trouble getting through the quests. Questing together to level 15 went fine, it didn’t take that long but it wasn’t exactly fast either and I guess it’ll be slower on live cause there will be more people doing the same quests.

Then we read around on the internet about people leveling 1-10 insanely fast and we couldn’t see how they had done it, before they wrote they’d been grinding mobs all the way, so we decided to test it out. We spend around 30 minutes on 1-10 which is 1 1/2 hour less than by questing. So we’ve finally decided we’ll grind mobs up to level 9, then move to a level 10-20 zone, maybe do a few quests and then grind more mobs till level 15.

I’ve also made a map of where I’m planning to go and marked of rare mobs just incase since they give extra experience.

The plan is:

  • Create a monk with the already chosen and reserved name
  • Send heirlooms, bags and other items
  • Log in on monk
  • Get invited to the guild
  • Equip all items and we’re ready to go
  • Grind mobs in the start area of the starting zone until level 4-5
  • Move to the next part of the starting zone and grind more mobs
  • Follow the route on the map I made
  • Fly to Orgrimmar on level 9
  • Set heartstone in Valley of Honor
  • Go to Azshara and do the first quests outside the gate
  • Take the rocket way to the southernmost station
  • Grind mobs until level 15
  • Heartstone to Orgrimmar
  • Visit trainer and bank
  • Send more items
  • Ready for dungeons!

I’ve also made a list of things I need to fix before the launch.

To do list:

  • Farm mats for leveling professions on monk
  • Level herbalism on my warlock and farm mats for glyphs
  • Kill mount bosses: Tempest Keep, Onyxia, Eye of Eternity, Zul Gurub, Vault of Archavon, Deathwing heroic, Ragnaros heroic
  • Clean out bank and bags on different characters
  • Craft weightstones
  • Prepare heirlooms with enchants, pots, food etc for the monk
  • Craft leg enchants and maybe a few gems
  • Come up with a good name and reserve it
  • Clean off the computer, mouse, headset, Nostromo and desk
  • Scan computer for viruses etc

I’ve gathered, bought and crafted a bunch of items for the monk but I’m not sure if I’ve got everything I need. I’ve seen some people’s screenshots of their bank etc and they’ve got shitloads of everything.

Here is what I’ve got so far:

  • Heirlooms for DPS and healing with enchants
    • Venerable Mass of McGowan x2 with +15 agility and Dignified Headmaster’s Charge with +22 intellect
    • Stained Shadowcraft Cap and Preened Tribal War Feathers
    • Stained Shadowcraft Spaulders and Preened Ironfeather Shoulders
    • Stained Shadowcraft Tunic and Preened Ironfeather Breastplate
    • Inherited Cape of the Black Baron with +8 agility and +8 dodge and Ancient Bloodmoon Cloak with +70 armor
    • Swift Hand of Justice x2 and Discerning Eye of the Beast x2
  • Reowned Guild Tabard
  • Wizard Oils
  • Swimspeed Potion
  • Swiftness Potion
  • Mana Potions for all levels
  • Elixir of Wisdom
  • Elixir of Greater Intellect
  • Elixir of Water Walking
  • Elixir of the Sages
  • Adept’s Elixir
  • Spellpower Elixir
  • Flask of the Frost Wyrm
  • Flask of Pure Mojo
  • Flask of Draconic Mind
  • Adventurer’s Journal
  • Runescroll of Fortitude
  • Food buffs and water
  • Bags for inventory and bank
  • Enchant Boots – Minor Speed and some stacks of other useful enchants for boots, gloves and bracers
  • Rings and necks for different levels
  • Other green items for use on early levels
  • Weapon for level 81
  • Glyphs
  • Vicious set for level 85
  • Darkbrand set for level 80-83

I’ve also organized all items so I know what I’m going to send right away and what I’m going to send later. I’ve gathered all profession items on one character so they’re ready. I’ve chosen engineering and enchanting, but I won’t level them right away of course but wait till I’m done leveling.

So I think I’ve got the most important things, or can you come up with anything I’ve forgotten? And what are you going to do at release?