Exploring the other side


The Horde has always been my favorite faction. I’ve only played Alliance for short time in Wrath of the Lich King when I leveled my druid Syrco to join a raiding guild on Alliance. It felt a bit wrong to be on that side because I’d always been Horde. But I stayed Alliance for Ulduar, Trial of the Crusader and Icecrown Citadel. This was also when I leveled my shaman Tojo. I went back to Horde in the end of the expansion and my druid and shaman became Horde.

I haven’t played a lot on the Alliance side since then. I only leveled a worgen mage to 85 in Cataclysm to see the worgen zone and to see what it was like being Alliance at that time, but I stopped playing it after a few hours on 85 because I didn’t have anyone to play with and went back to Horde.

I’ve wanted a max level character on Alliance for a while now because it’s so much easier to play with friends from other realms now and I haven’t leveled an Alliance in Pandaria so I would like to see what it’s like. My boyfriend and I decided to level up some characters together. We finally had some spare time to play now after the move and between work and enjoying the summer.


So he created a night elf priest and I created a pandaren shaman. My shaman is called Polarlys which directly translates to polar light, but it means the aurora, both borealis (north) and australis (south). I chose a pandaren because I really like the pandarens and my Horde shaman is also a pandaren. I wanted to level a shaman because it’s one of my favorite classes and I’ve never leveled as enhancement so that’s what I’m doing now, but I might go resto and heal when I hit max level. We’re on Frostmane EU and would like to join a Scandinavian guild as socials.

Leveling today is so easy, with all the heirlooms, fast queue for dungeons and right now the Darkmoon Faire carousel buff which gives you 10% extra experience. We’re not playing every day, but I think we’ll level up pretty fast. If anyone of you are leveling an alliance character on EU and would like to join us for a few dungeons, let me know :D

Do you have characters on both Horde and Alliance? Which faction is your favorite and why?


6 thoughts on “Exploring the other side

  1. I started on Aliance with one group of friends but most of them stopped playing once we hit 60 and I ended up starting a Horde character to play with some other friends. The guild we set up is still going strong even though most of them have drifted off. Like you most of my characters are Horde, which is my favourite faction but I have a Worgan Priest to see their starting area, get an achivement and have access to the Ally AH.

  2. I have both because at various points in time I have played both. Picking a favourite is hard because although I primarily play Alliance at the moment I do absolutely adore my Forsaken Priest and all the lore, architecture etc for the Forsaken. I will however be using my 90 boost on a Horde character because my highest leveled Horde at the moment is only lv 72. I just can’t decide between an Orc of some variety or a Troll Druid, need to see the new Trolls before I make a decision.

    1. I can’t wait to see the new troll! :D Then I’ll decide if my main Syrco is staying a troll or if I should race change to a tauren :P No idea what I gonna use my 90 boost on..

  3. Both factions for me, 5 and 5 to preserve the balance :) I definitely prefer Alliance cities to Horde cities, but atmosphere everywhere suits all the races very good. Of all races I prefer the smaller ones, i.e. Goblins and Gnomes.

  4. I have both Alliance and Horde characters, but my true loyalties will always lie with the blue and gold. I started out as Alliance, leveled as Alliance, found a great guild as Alliance, and remain Alliance to this day. Three of my four maxed leveled toons are Alliance, and the majority of my friends and family that play are Alliance.
    This being said, I do have a few Horde characters. I level up my first hordie to play with an IRL friend of mine (who promptly dropped off the face of the earth once I hit 90). I continue to play horde however, because of a great guild I got into and because of all the raiding opportunities on Twitter.
    My choice started out as a cosmetic thing (I started playing when I was pretty young, so of course I wanted to play a ‘pretty’ character) but now is more of a lore/friends thing. :D

  5. I have both faction characters, more Alliance then Horde but that’s slowly changing. I don’t really have a favorite though. I like to think of myself as bi-faction, lol. The Alliance side do have all the professions so I’m working on getting more for my Horde characters so they won’t have to spend so much money.

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