World of Warcraft Secrets: Echoes of Lordaeron

If you play with your own music on or without ambient sounds you might have missed this, or if you’re just too busy and always rushing around to get things done. Maybe you should stop for a while, turn up your ingame sound and ambience and listen carefully.

You might know the story, maybe you’ve played Warcraft 3 and seen the cinematic, about how Arthas returned home to Lordaeron after claiming Frostmourne in Northrend and losing his last remnants of sanity. The people were celebrating his return but he went straight in to see his father. Arthas knelt before him and the Lich King in Arthas mind said “You no longer need to sacrifice for your people. You no longer need to bear the weight of your crown. I’ve taken care of everything.” Then he approached his father at the throne, lifted Frostmourne and drove it through him.

“This kingdom shall fall, and from the ashes shall arise a new order that will shake the very foundations of the world!”

Their dialogue can still be heard as echoes through the throne room in the ruins of Lordaeron. But there are other echoes there too, words and sentences which are harder to hear and understand and some of them aren’t part of their dialogue in the cinematic, I can’t find them anywhere on the internet.

Let … eyes be closed
Humanity is
Now times have come … will end

I’ve been trying to figure out these sentences but nothing really matches and I’m still not sure what they say.

But these echoes of voices aren’t the only things you can hear in Lordaeron. If you start walking from the courtyard and enter the first room with the broken bell, you can hear the echoes of the bell ringing when Arthas returned. When you continue to the next room, the hallway, you can hear crowds of people cheering and applauding and if you look down on the ground you can still see the rose petals. The next room is the throne room where Arthas killed his father, this is where you can hear echoes of their conversation and everything that happened, plus these sentences which I can’t figure out what means or where they are from. You can also see blood on the floor near the throne.

I love how they’ve done this, to make us remember what happened, it’s there but not everyone have noticed it.

Here is a script for the sound file which you can play ingame. If it’s not working, retype the ” ” signs.

/script PlaySoundFile(“Sound\\Ambience\\WMOAmbience\\UnderCityThorneRoom.wav”)

12 thoughts on “World of Warcraft Secrets: Echoes of Lordaeron

  1. Oh, I like that! Really enjoyed the video as well.. it was really eerie. I admittedly had completely missed this since I often play with sounds off, or at least on very low.

    Btw, I think there’s a small typo in the script for the sound file. Pretty sure it should say Throne?

  2. This is awesome. Part of why I’ve always been drawn to places in Azeroth is the amazing history that they have. I think the echoes in Lordaeron are particularly eerie and I didn’t quite see the parallels with the cinematic until today. :)

    My favourite part in Lordaeron is reading the inscription on King Terenas’ tomb. I saw it when I rolled my very first horde, an undead, and those words just stuck with me:

    “Here lies King Terenas Menethil, last true King of Lordaeron.

    Great were his deeds — long was his reign — unthinkable was his death.

    May the Father lie blameless for the deeds of the son. May the bloodied crown stay lost and forgotten.”

  3. Which specific portions are you referring to for those three lines? All I can hear is the dialogue from both the opening and closing cinematics for the WC3:RoC campaigns. First they play the one where Medivh barges into the throne room during a council meeting and then end with the human campaign cinematic where Arthas returns.

      1. The 1:38-1:41 is 2:20-2:25 in this:

        I can’t identify the 2:27 one though. I didn’t even notice it until you pointed it out with the timestamp.

  4. Things like this really make me enjoy the story even more. You can even see what looks like the trail of blood from the crown as it fell in the throne room.

  5. I don’t know if you still look at these or not just happened to find this site looking for secrets myself. Anyways next time your in the courtyard before the throne room in Undercity Check out your My actions in the combat log and do some aoe. (You killed Lordaeron Citzen). Now for my story of this. So long time ago on a priest in the vanilla days I discovered this while spamming holy nova. Being low level I was attacked and killed by this invisible specter. (keep this phrase in mind). So I went back rezzed and thought hmm there must be a rogue or druid here ganking lowbies. So I spammed again nothing showed up, but I was still being hit by something. So I went and got potion of detect invisibility, and anything that could detect stealth. Nothing still getting hit though. So like any kind citizen of Azeroth I go and put in a bug report. I wish I still had this conversation but basically the rep told me that it wasn’t a bug and the invisible specters were in fact remnants of Lodaeron. Also just checked today 2/12/14 and they still exist. Kinda cool that blizzard added these in.

    1. Thanks :) I remember those ghosts. I went there too back in TBC and noticed them when I did some aoe and got into combat. But I don’t think it’s possible to see them anymore, or is it? I think I tried before I wrote this post.

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