My legendary shaman


I have been leveling my shaman for a while now, a few levels every now and then when I had time. The plan was to level through dungeons as restoration so I picked Sharas’dal, Scepter of Tides as my first artifact weapon. But I wanted to be able to solo quests as well so I picked the elemental weapon, The Fist of Ra-den, as my second artifact weapon because I used to have elemental as my off spec in previous expansions. I never really liked elemental, it was just a spec I had to have to be able to solo. Things haven’t changed, I still don’t like it.. So I went and got my third artifact weapon, the Doomhammer, and enhancement turned out to be incredible fun! I’ve never really played enhancement before because my main spec was restoration and all my gear had intellect on it, so it was simpler to have elemental as off spec. But it’s so much easier now when the gear got both intellect and agility!

My BF leveled with me, first on his priest and then restoration druid. We did both quests and dungeons. I played enhancement more than I played restoration because he wanted to heal in dungeons. Now on 110 my plan is to have restoration as my main spec, but I might try out enhancement in PvP because it looks like a lot of fun.

A funny story… I hit 110 and thought I might try to do some world quest for gear upgrades, because my gear was terrible and I wanted to increase my item level to be able to queue heroic dungeons and looking for raid. So I did some quests that rewarded gear and noticed I had completed 3/4 Warden quests and went to complete the fourth one. Then I went to Warden’s Redoubt to complete the quest for doing four world quest and get the box and artifact power. So, I just completed my first four world quests and got my first box.

Can you guess what was in it?


LEGENDARY!!! My first legendary in Legion, on my shaman, my alt, that had been level 110 for only a couple of hours… My druid still doesn’t have a legendary which I think is a bit strange because I have done so many world quests and quite a few dungeons. It seems like almost everyone else, at least in my guild, have gotten their legendary, many even got two.. Well, some of them have played much more than me and they raid every week which I don’t. But still, I hope it will be my druid’s turn to get a legendary soon.

How many characters have you leveled to 110? Do you have a legendary?

First week in Legion

I hope you’re all enjoying the first week of Legion as much as I do! It has been great so far and there is still so much I haven’t explored. The quests and dungeons I have done have been so fun and interesting, especially the main story line and the druid quests. I am not done with my class campaign just yet but I am excited to see how it ends.

This expansion release has been different because I just started school a few weeks ago, so I couldn’t just pull all-nighters like I used to do. But my classes are in the evening so I can stay up late if I want to unless I have work in the morning. There were so much to do the days before and on the release day because we wanted everything to be perfect so we could spend most of our time playing and less of it fixing stuff both in real life and in-game. So we did all the laundry, cleaned the apartment and did all our shopping the days before, and we cleaned out the banks and bags on our characters, finished leveling characters in invasions and everything else we wanted to do before Legion.


I was ready at midnight and waiting together with everyone else in Dalaran in above Karazhan. There were so much people and of course there was a mammoth train, lots of jokes, toys being used and of course there is no real expansion release without massive lag. Surprisingly, the servers didn’t crash and I was off for the Broken Isles as soon as the quest popped up on my screen. Everything went smooth and I got my Scythe of Elune!


Most people started questing in Azsuna and Val’sharah, so we picked Highmountain as our first zone. It is one of my favorite zones because it’s the home of a great tauren tribe, the zone looks beautiful and the quests are fun. We wanted to level fast but still enjoy the quests and everything else we discovered on our way, so we didn’t really rush through everything nor did we spend too long reading the quests.


We stopped to collect treasures we found on the way, went back to our class order hall to do quests and missions there and we did our own profession quests. Our plan was to do all the quests up to the dungeon quest and friendly reputation with each faction in every zone, so we did Azsuna, then Val’sharah and finally Stormheim where we hit 110. It took us a few days to hit max level because we spent some time doing other things on the way and because I had school every day.


It has definitely paid off to level professions early because I sold many glyphs and a few enchants early and prepared to sell Darkmoon cards as soon as I could. So far I’ve earned around 400 000 gold which I think is pretty good as I’ve also spent some amounts of gold buying herbs instead of farming them myself and I haven’t been camping the auction house for hours constantly checking for undercuts. I was one of the first on my realm to sell glyphs so I didn’t have any competition but I was also busy leveling so I didn’t want to spend too much time on it. There is more competition now but the prices are still good, though the cheap herbs get sold instantly so I have to be quick to get some. If you’re planning to sell stuff to earn money then I strongly recommend using the TradeSkillMaster addon which is great for making groups, pricing, posting many items at once, checking for undercuts and cancelling auctions fast.

My plan now is to get better gear through world quests, heroic and maybe some mythic dungeons, then I might level up my shaman next and of course continue to earn gold because nothing is as satisfying as opening the mailbox to collect a big amount of gold! I’m also planning to explore more of the Broken Isles because there is so much to see, I have already discovered some easter eggs and I’m sure there are plenty more to be discovered.

How has your first week in Legion been?

The Legion is coming


It has been a month since I renewed my subscription and came back to World of Warcraft after a six month long break. This patch has been highly anticipated with the class changes, new transmogrification system and now the Legion invasion and demon hunters.
I’m very happy with the changes to balance druid and resto shaman but it feels like I don’t have any abilities left to use, my bars have never been so empty. I’m especially happy with the balance druid changes because I really disliked the playstyle in PvE in Warlords of Draenor. The only thing I don’t like is that Starfall is so expensive and that you have to place it on the ground, might take me a long while to get used to it and learn how to master using it. I used to just pop Starfall, pull half the world, kite and dot everything to death, have to find a new way to do that now.
One more thing that’s annoying is that I can’t take good screenshots when using Blessing of the Ancients because when I zoom all the way in I still see the stars and smoke effects from the spell in the middle of the screen.


I almost forgot that I had to buy the Legion expansion to play the demon hunter so I bought it the same day as they became available. It wasn’t exactly cheap, 44.99 euro for the standard edition and 59.99 euros for the digital deluxe edition. I decided to buy the digital deluxe edition because I think the stuff you get is worth the extra 15 euros, I just think the standard edition should have been cheaper because you only get the game.
I’ve been looking forward to playing the demon hunter because I never tried them on the beta. The story and the quests were very interesting though it was kind of what I expected it to be. I’m not sure if I ever could be a real Illidari demon hunter by heart because the story in the quests made me think that Illidan might be insane, I don’t agree with everything he’s done, but I still chose Kayn over Altruis because I think that’s what an Illidari demon hunter would have done. Havoc is a fun spec so I’m planning to play it more in the future, but I don’t know yet if demon hunter will become one of my favorite alts.


The pre-expansion events are always fun, so I was of course looking forward to the invasions and everything that came with them. I have completed the invasions in all of the zones and I’m now trying to collect all the different transmog gear sets.
Today I finally got the It All Makes Sense Now achievement which requires you to collect all the 12 different pamphlets from the Doomsayers in your city. The Pocket Fel Spreader toy haven’t dropped for me yet but I haven’t killed that many Dread Infiltrators. I joined a group to farm it but we looked for hours without finding a single one, so I might just buy the toy at the auction house instead of wasting my time like that again.
I started crafting and selling Tomes of Illusions and Tomes of the Clear Mind to earn some gold. So far I’ve earned at least 80 000 gold over one week. I don’t farm all the materials, so I spend some gold to buy parts of what I need, but I only sell if I get a good profit. I need to earn gold so I can buy WoW Tokens and use them to pay for my game time.


I did the quest in Dalaran with Khadgar which was interesting but much shorter than I thought it would be. It was fun to go back to Karazhan because I have so many good memories from that raid, it is actually one of my favorite raids.


What do you think about the Legion pre-expansion patch, demon hunters and invasions?

Highmountain by night

The first zone I explored in the Broken Isles was Highmountain, home of the Highmountain tauren. It has tall mountains, rivers, waterfalls and forest. The nights are dark with an amazing sky where you can see far into the galaxy and a million of stars.


Frosthoof Watch on Highmountain


Full moon in Pinerock Basin


Highmountain Peak


Moose in Pinerock Basin


Night sky in Pinerock Basin


Full moon by the river


Frosthoof Watch on Highmountain Peak


Galaxy in the night sky

There are many other great zones in The Broken Isles and I can’t wait to explore them all.