The day is finally here! WoW Classic will be released in 15 minutes. I did not play in vanilla, but started in The Burning Crusade, so I’m very excited to experience Classic. WoW now is very different from what it was in vanilla and also very different from what it was when I started. I look forward to seeing the old Azeroth again, how it was pre Cataclysm, leveling and gearing like it used to be. Everything is so easy in WoW now, you can level up so fast, it is easy to earn gold, the map will tell you where the quests are and you don’t have to do much to get good gear.

I have decided to play on Firemaw because most of the Norwegian community are planning to play there and it would be nice to join a Norwegian or Scandinavian guild. I don’t think I will have time to raid, but I want to PvP. It took me a while to decide which class to play because I did of course want to play moonkin or an arms warrior, but I don’t want to always be asked to tank or heal, so I’ve decided to level a mage cause it feels like a safe choice and they are good in both PvE and PvP.

I wonder if we will be able to play tonight with these long queues and if the servers will be stable enough. I won’t be surprised if everything goes down…

Where will you be playing and which class? Did you play in vanilla?

3 thoughts on “Classic!

  1. I started out as Forsaken Warlock (I play nelf druid on live) – and I wanted a completely different experience. I ended up rerolling around level 14ish – to a Tauren druid and have to say – that levelling in Mulgore is amazing. A lot of running – but it’s beautiful.

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