Battle for Azeroth: How to be a good beta tester

The Battle for Azeroth beta has begun! Players selected to participate will receive an email invitation, but be aware of phishing attempts. Log in to your Launcher and check the dropdown Region/Account menu for Beta: Battle for Azeroth. If you’re interested in participating, opt in on your beta profile.

Most players are very excited about the beta and are hoping to get access. They talk about what they would like to do if they get access, things they want to see and play. But have you ever thought of what’s expected of you as a beta tester and what you should do to become a good beta tester? First I think you should ask yourself these two questions: Why do you want to be a beta tester? What do you think makes you a good beta tester?

I’ve been lucky enough to get invited to all of the betas since I started playing during the Burning Crusade. Wrath of the Lich King, Cataclysm, Mists of Pandaria, Legion and now Battle for Azeroth. I won the Wrath of the Lich King beta key in a contest, but I think I’ve been selected randomly for the rest. Sometimes I got access early, in alpha, and other times later in the beta. At first I saw it as a chance to get a sneak peek and play the game before everyone else, but then I learned that there is so much more you should do. I felt important and happy to be one of those who got to test it and give feedback to polish and improve the game before it went live.

I’ve read through some websites and forums, gathered and written down what I think are the most important things to keep in mind if you are going to participate in the beta test.


First off, what is a beta test

Game testing is a process for quality control of a software. The primary function of game testing is the discovery and reporting of software defects, also known as bugs. A beta test is usually the second test (after alpha) and the first test by the actual customers. Beta testers are needed because the designers are probably so used to their game that they’re very likely to overlook many things that fresh pair of eyes won’t.

Sometimes there is an NDA (non-disclosure agreement) you need to agree to in order to participate in testing, but not for Battle for Azeroth. This means you are free to talk about, write about, stream and share screenshots from the beta.

Who can be a beta tester

A veteran player isn’t necessary a better beta tester than a new player. Introducing previously uninvolved testers with fresh perspective may help identify new bugs. Blizzard wants a wide variety of testers: varied, locations, age, experience and game interest. You don’t need the newest computer, the best graphics card etc. Blizzard wants to make sure that the game works on everyone’s computer. They want a variety of testers with all kinds of different hardware, not just people with the latest stuff.

What to keep in mind

  • You shouldn’t sign up for the beta if you don’t plan on actually testing and giving feedback. Many people sign up for the beta not to test it but to play the game and see if it’s something they would like to buy
  • The beta is not a demo to complete content before anyone else
  • Nothing is final before it’s live
  • Being a beta tester is more like a job than something you do just cause it’s fun
  • The beta test is designed to find bugs, issues that have made it past internal testing
  • You are responsible for checking that the game works, is easy to use, has actions that make sense, and contains fun gameplay
  • If the game was perfect, they wouldn’t need people beta testing
  • The more bugs that get reported in the beta, the less there will be when it goes live
  • Visit and read the official beta forums
  • Follow Blizzard’s updates on what they want you to focus testing on
  • Test as many features as possible in as many ways as possible
  • Consult with other testers for answers to potential problems you may be experiencing
  • Support creative new approaches to abilities, spells and other changes to the game
  • Instead of complaining out loud or in the chat, report your problem by using the feedback survey or the official beta testing forums, and be constructive
  • You can still give feedback on the quests, zones, dungeons etc even if you don’t find any bugs
  • Remember that all characters in Blizzard beta tests are wiped from the servers before the final game. Carrying characters over from the beta to the final game would give beta testers an unfair advantage and there are numerous technical issues as the beta client is not the same as the final game version
  • What is your reward? A sense of accomplishment. You helped to polish a game you enjoy. And a sneak peek at the game is the reward for most. But previous beta invites and good feedback might increase your chances of getting picked again, who knows?

What to expect

There will be frequent disconnects, and the realm may be up for a few minutes at a time as new content is added. Do not expect the entire expansion to be available. Expect things to be broken, graphics to be missing or placeholders.



Testing requires creative gameplay to discover often subtle bugs. Some bugs are easy to document, but many require a detailed description so a developer can replicate or find the bug. Do stuff Blizzard never intended for players to do. Because a player will do so by accident and cause an issue. Players also have ways of doing stuff the developers never thought of doing. It is better that it happens in beta than on live.

Bugs can be…

  • art glitches
  • animation errors
  • logic errors
  • level bugs
  • quest items not working
  • random dismounts
  • falling through the world
  • getting stuck
  • damage and class/mob balance bugs
  • lore error
  • + much more

I remember I’ve been able to fly indoors or getting dismounted from my flying mount in the air when flying above buildings. I’ve also fallen through worlds, got stuck in walls or behind invisible walls and stuck in cracks in the ground. I’ve been unable to complete quests, pick up items, missing NPCs, NPCs missing bodyparts and NPCs who yell over and over again so the whole zone gets a headache. I’ve also seen spelling mistakes in the quest info and NPC speech, and tons of graphic bugs.


How to report bugs
As a beta tester, you’re expected to report the bugs you encounter in the game. Blizzard has beta forums for feedback and bug reporting. You can also report bugs or issues ingame. Once you’ve found and identified a bug, you should write a brief report so Blizzard knows that there is a problem and can fix it before release. Good bug reports can be read quickly, easily understood and be recreated even by someone who is playing the beta for the first time. A good bug report makes it much easier to get the bugs fixed as fast as possible.

Make sure you can repeat the bug
What caused the bug? What where you doing? Write down what you did before you encountered the bug and try to make it happen again. Check the forums to see if the bug you found has already been reported. Sometimes there is a post or a list of known bugs, bugs they already know about and are working on. If you got more information to add about a bug someone else has already reported, just write a reply to their post.

Information to give
Make a note of the time and the place that the bug occurred and what you were doing when it happened. Sometimes it can also be important to write down which class, spec, level and race you are. The beta build you are using can also be of importance. It can be found in the lower left of the login screen. You want to include your computer’s information if you’re experiencing graphic issues, crashes etc. Write down exactly what the bug did. Did you get disconnected, a screen freeze, game crash or an error message? Did you character get stuck? Maybe you fell through the world? Or are you unable to pick up or use a certain item? The more detail the better. Go back and see if you can cause the bug to occur again.

How to recreate the bug
Write down the steps needed to recreate the bug so the developers can recreate it and see what happens. This can be which spell you used, where you walked, which item you used and where, which NPC you spoke to etc.

Writing a bug report post
If you find multiple bugs, make one post for each bug you find. Use a tag in the subject of your post to make it easier to know what kind of bug it is. Like [Quest bug], [Spell bug] etc.

If you can remember and do all or some of the points above, you’re on the right way to become a good beta tester! Good luck and enjoy!

Sources and useful links

Check out this funny video about beta testing, made for Cataclysm but it’s still useful.

This post was originally written for the Mists of Pandaria beta and posted March 21. 2012. Rewritten for the Warlords of Draenor alpha/beta and reposted June 7. 2014. Rewritten again for the Legion beta and reposted May 23. 2016. And again for the Battle for Azeroth beta April 26. 2018.




I just realized I’ve been inactive here for around nine months. There are several reasons for that, the first being real life and more precisely school. I’ve been taking two classes I need and I’ve been drowning in school work. But the hard work has paid off, so I’m happy I took it seriously. I only have exams left next month, then I’m done. It’s been exhausting and I haven’t had time or energy to play much. But to be honest, I haven’t really felt like playing WoW very much either, and that’s the second reason. I did play a while back in January and thought I had found a guild to raid very casual with, but by the time I had geared up enough to join, then they had stopped raiding.

I have played other games like Diablo 3 and Overwatch because they don’t require so much time, you can just login whenever you got an hour or two and do something fun. I feel like WoW requires more time, you depend much more on other players and it isn’t always fun, for instance if you end up in a group with terrible and rude players and waste your precious time on them. Yes, it has happened on more than one occasion. I almost forgot to mention that I bought Destiny 2 and enjoyed it for a few weeks before I felt like I paid too much for too little.

Allied races made me want to play WoW again cause I really want a highmountain tauren, but I didn’t have time or money, so I decided to wait. I’ve barely played this year, so I was ever so surprised when I discovered that I got into the Battle for Azeroth alpha in March. That made me take time off to play. So I made a druid and went exploring and questing in Zuldazar. I haven’t played as much as I’ve wanted, but I think there will be more time in the near future. Battle for Azeroth just went into beta, so I have to make a new character anyway. I’m excited to get back into it and do my duty.

I will try to get back to blogging now that I actually might have something interesting to blog about.

Diablo 3: Necromancer

Wizard has always been my favorite class in Diablo 3. I have played most of the other classes but kept going back to the wizard. So I made a new wizard every season just to get my favorite set, the Firebird’s Finery, and everything else I needed to be the best I could. Wizard was fun but I wanted something new to do. So I was so excited to hear that the necromancer would come to Diablo 3 and I bought the Rise of the Necromancer pack as soon as it released. I have played Diablo 2 many years ago so I might have played the necromancer then but as I don’t really remember it that well it felt like an all new experience.

I leveled up fast and started collecting gear to figure out which set I wanted and which skills I prefered. It didn’t take me long to find my favorite set, the Bones of Rathma, with Jesseth Arms. Then season 11 was announced and the Bones of Rathma set would be in this season’s Haedrig’s Gift. So season 11 was the first time I started as a something other than a wizard.

I have had a lot of time to play this season and I’m currently paragon 617 and my best Greater Rift Solo is 80 which I’m quite happy about. My goal isn’t to become the best in the world, just to have fun and challenge myself.

Have you played the necromancer yet?

Best dressed: My favorite transmogs

Earlier in May Z and Cinder created a new topic for their blog challenge:

Best dressed: We want to see your best transmogs, and hear the story behind them. How did you come up with them? How long did it take you to farm the pieces? And just how often do you change your outfits? Let us know!

I love to create transmogs for my characters but I hate to farm transmog gear because it might take weeks or even months for the item you want to drop and I don’t have the patience to run a dungeon or raid again and again every day or week. Sometimes when I create an outfit it’s because I find an item I just HAVE TO use and then I have to create a whole set for it. But usually I just use full sets that I like. I don’t change my transmog very often because I find something I love and then I stick with it for a while.

Wrathful and The Stars mage

I leveled my mage to 110 in April but didn’t have any nice transmogs to use, so I bought the Wrathful armor and I was lucky enough to get the hidden artifact appearance.

  • Wrathful Gladiator’s Silk Armor
  • The Stars’ Design (Felo’melorn)

Cycle druid

The Cycle armor is from Mists of Pandaria challenge mode and it’s one of my favorite druid sets in the game.

  • Hood of the Cycle
  • Branches of the Cycle
  • Robes of the Cycle
  • Gloves of the Cycle
  • Waistguard of the Cycle
  • Envoy of Goldrinn (Scythe of Elune)

Celestial Harmony shaman

Vestments of the Celestial Harmony is the tier 16 set from Siege of Orgrimmar. Here without the belt because I thought it looked better like this. The weapon is from Throne of Thunder and shield from Dragon Soul. I’ve had these items for years but didn’t make an outfit of them until very recently.

  • Cowl of Smoking Dreams
  • Fleshsmoke Chain Shoulders
  • Tunic of Celestial Harmony
  • Handwraps of Celestial Harmony
  • Legwraps of Celestial Harmony
  • Torall, Rod of the Shattered Throne
  • Timepiece of the Bronze Flight

Golden warrior

This transmog was inspired by the Cyprus set I made for Mog the World. I wanted to create a similar golden set with items I already had and this is what I came up with.

  • Helm of Burning Righteousness
  • Dawnsteel Shoulders
  • Ritssyn’s Ruminous Drape
  • Heroic Judicator’s Chestguard
  • Conqueror’s Gauntlets
  • Girdle of the Lightbearer
  • Conqueror’s Legplates
  • Conqueror’s Greaves
  • Warswords of the Valarjar

Which transmog is your favorite?