My first days in the Legion beta

I’ve had the beta for some weeks now but I haven’t had much time to play because of my job, volunteer work and other things that have been taking up a lot of my time.

But I did make a druid, play through the Broken Shore and I got the artifact weapon. The Broken Shore questline went fast and easy, it was quite interesting but the ending cinematic is still missing so I’m really looking forward to seeing it later.

I went to the druid order hall, The Dreamgrove, in Val’sharah which is a beautiful location perfect for druids.

It took me a while to get the artifact weapon because the questline was bugged. I was unable to complete some quests so I spent a lot of time reading the forums, writing bug reports and waiting. It was fast and easy when it finally worked and I got my hands on the Scythe of Elune!

Oh hi, Legion beta!


Didn’t expect to get in so early or at all as I cancelled my subscription in January. This is my first real break in my history as a WoW player. I’m of course planning to come back to Legion but I don’t know yet how much I will play and if I will focus on PvE, PvP or just play a bit of both very casual. I always hoped I would get access to the beta, the earlier the better because I like to find bugs and report them to help make the game better. It’s of course a big bonus to be able to try out the different classes so I can pick which one I want as my main in Legion. I’m very excited about the changes to balance druid, I haven’t tested it yet, but I hope I’ll like it so balance druid will be my main again.

Are you in the Legion beta? What are you planning to test or what have you tested so far?