Latest additions to my pet and mount collection

I’ve gotten some new pets and mounts this patch. Some I got a while back, some just recently. The pups are adorable but I don’t do a lot of pet battles these days so I just use them for companions. My favorite mount is the Corrupted Dreadwing because I like the colors it has but I think it moves a bit weird.

Fel Pup

Fel Pup

Cinder Pup

Cinder Pup

Deathtusk Felboar

Deathtusk Felboar

Mudback Riverbeast

Mudback Riverbeast

Corrupted Dreadwing

Corrupted Dreadwing

Have you gotten any new mounts or pets lately? Which one is your favorite?

Ready for the new season

I got my Wild Gladiator’s season 2 weapons on both my druid and my shaman this week. Been doing Ashran on them both every week and some rated battlegrounds on my druid. The druid is my favorite character to PvP with, but shaman can be fun as well. I’m just not very good at healing in PvP on my shaman yet, maybe that’s the reason I prefer the druid. They both got new transmogs now as they got new weapons. I think the weapons looked good without transmogs but I didn’t have any set that matched so it didn’t work out.


  • Stormrider’s Shoulderwraps
  • Stormrider’s Vestment
  • Stormrider’s Gloves
  • Malcontent’s Belt
  • Stormrider’s Leggings
  • Tigule’s Harpoon


  • Scalp of the Bandit Prince
  • Battleforge Shoulderguards
  • Battleforge Armor
  • Battleforge Gauntlets
  • Battleforge Girdle
  • Battleforge Legguards
  • Battleforge Boots
  • Vengeful Gladiator’s Salvation
  • Skullflame Shield

My warrior has gotten some new gear too, but not the season 2 weapon yet. I’ve done Ashran to get him full Wild Combatant’s gear, Blackrock Foundry for some PvE gear and upgraded his Steelforged Greataxe to 705.


  • Crown of Empowered Fate
  • Dawnsteel Shoulders
  • Heroic Judicator’s Chestguard
  • Conqueror’s Gauntlets
  • Girdle of Hope
  • Conqueror’s Legplates
  • Conqueror’s Greaves
  • Steelforged Greataxe

First Hellfire Citadel raid


Some friends in the guild Fluffy Kittens of Doom on Stormscale EU raid two days per week and they usually got spots for friends who want to join. I’ve raided with them a few times now but this was my first time in Hellfire Citadel on normal difficulty, only done Looking For Raid previously.

As usual I was on my resto shaman which is my favorite character to raid with in this expansion. I didn’t read up on any of the bosses but they explained the tactics to me and the bosses weren’t very different from what they in LFR. The first four bosses went down very easily, most on first try. Kilrogg Deadeye took us a while longer to learn but we got him down and moved on to Gorefiend who we one-shotted.


I got 5 upgrades! It was a good and fun raid and I might continue to join them for a raid every now and then as long as it’s very casual.

Here’s the log from the raid on Warcraft Logs.

Syrco Owl 5 years!


I can’t believe it’s been 5 years since I created this blog. When I started up all I wanted was a place to share some screenshots and I never thought I’d still be posting on it 5 years later.

Thanks to everyone who visits, reads, follows, shares and comments! It wouldn’t have been this fun without you <3


Exploring Tanaan Jungle and 6.2


I didn’t really know what to expect when I reactivated my account for patch 6.2 because I wasn’t planning to raid, still don’t have a real guild to call home or a team to play rated battlegrounds with. But I have my boyfriend and some other friends who I play with. I think having someone to play with makes the game so much more fun. I never read about the patch, so almost everything was new for me when I logged in on patch day.


I built the shipyard and went to Tanaan Jungle. It was fun to have a whole new zone to explore, quests to do and treasures to find. I’m trying to do the daily quests every day but I don’t always have time for it but I’m sure I’ll reach revered with the three factions eventually. Besides the reputation I still have left to do some bonus objectives and some quests in Nagrand to complete the Draenor Pathfinder (flying) achievement.


I haven’t killed any bosses in Hellfire Citadel yet. But I raided Blackrock Foundry heroic on my resto shaman last week and it was actually a bit fun. Not so fun that I would like to start raiding again, but I could maybe raid casual once per week with friends. So maybe we’ll go for some of the new bosses next time.


I’ve geared up my druid in Ashran which was very fast and easy. First we just killed rare mobs for fragments which we turned in and got tons of honor to buy gear. Then we did the events and boss kill for Conquest and boxes. Maybe I’ll gear up my shaman next.

What have you done so far in 6.2?

Back in the game for patch 6.2!

I have reactivated my account with a WoW Token after one month break. Been playing Diablo 3 a lot lately so it felt weird to be back in WoW and I thought it would take me a while to get used to the controls again. But I jumped right into it and joined a rated battleground group. The controls and everything came back to me very fast. It wasn’t the best group I’ve seen as most of them were poorly geared alts but we won 4/7 games so it was fun enough.

I actually got my Veteran of the Horde achievement which gives a Veteran of the Horde title and the Vicious War Wolf mount.

Vicious War Wolf

My plan now it to run through Blackrock Foundry, which I haven’t done yet, for some upgrades and just to have seen it and ready up on the patch notes. I’m not sure if I want to PvE on my druid at all cause I didn’t think balance PvE was very fun last time I played it and I don’t want to try a different spec either. But I do want to play my resto shaman in PvE, so maybe I’ll just stick with that and have the druid as a PvP character. But nothing’s set in stone, so we’ll see what happens.