Changes and preparations

Right now it’s past 9 pm here and less than three hours left until midnight and Battle for Azeroth! I’ve spent the last days preparing my druid, so I’ve cleaned the bags and the bank for the first time in years, sold off stuff I don’t need, completed quests and cleared the quest log.

I have also done something else which I have thought about for a long time. I race changed my druid from troll to highmountain tauren! My druid has been a troll since the update that made trolls able to be druids 8 years ago. I was never a big fan of trolls, I just wanted to be an orange moonkin. The tauren has always been my favorite race and my first character, my warrior, was of course a male tauren. I was very excited about the highmountain tauren becoming a playable race because they are tauren, got a solid story and look like a moose with their big antlers.

I have of course completed the pre-expansion event which I have a few thoughts about. The storyline leading up to Battle for Azeroth has been interesting, but I expected more of an event like this. There hasn’t been much to do, except for the new but short questline every week and some daily quests with decent rewards for characters with low item level. This event was nothing compared to the previous pre-expansion events, my favorite being the pre Wrath of the Lich King event where you could turn into a zombie and infect other players.

I did participate in the Battle for Azeroth beta, but I’m still excited about the expansion and can’t wait to see, hear and read everyone elses reactions and thoughts about it.

Bye, the Broken Isles and Legion! I’m off to Zandalar and Kul Tiras to fight some Alliance and save Azeroth!

Are you prepared?


Lucid Nightmare

I’ve always loved exploring, discovering secrets and solving riddles, but I haven’t been up to date on all of the Legion secrets. I didn’t know about the Lucid Nightmare mount until very recently, but I like the model and I’ve been hoping to get the Wild Dreamrunner from Val’sharah. Then I read about the Lucid Nightmare mount which looks much cooler and I love that you have to complete a series of challenges to obtain it. I heard it was supposed to be very hard and would take at least 3-4 hours if you were lucky.

So I found a guide and skimmed through it because I thought this one would be way too hard to solve all alone, remembering how difficult some of the clues to the Riddler’s Mind-Worm were. It seemed straightforward and not too hard, so I went for it. Some of the clues were easy, but most weren’t, so I’m glad I had the guide to follow. The mini games were fun, some a bit time-consuming, but I didn’t have any problems.

Then I got to the Endless Halls, a very confusing maze. I read about it and decided to use the Lucid Nightmare Helper addon to try to keep track of the rooms, but it didn’t help that much because I didn’t manage to figure out exactly when I got too far out on one side and ended up on the other side. But I tried to keep track of the orbs I found and it didn’t take me too long to finish the first four, but then I got stuck on the last one for at least an hour until I finally found it. It took me almost four hours, that includes traveling and going back for something I had forgotten.

Do you have the Lucid Nightmare mount? What are your thoughts on the challenge?

Pengling sledding and painting goat

I was exploring Tiragarde Sound when I came across the Pengling Sledding Champion on a mountain near Bridgeport and Kennings Lodge. He lets you ride on his back and race down the glacier from a speeding yeti. I couldn’t find a video of it, so I made one.

It is part of the world quest Slippery Slopes on level 120 if the limited info on Wowhead is correct. This reminds me so much of the penguin race in Super Mario 64 which I played a lot back in 1997, I just wish this race was longer cause it’s so fun but too short.

I also discovered this goat with a paintbrush in his mouth. His canvas is still blank, so he hasn’t painted anything yet. I tried sitting on the stool next to him, hoping he would paint me, but sadly nothing happened.

Have you discovered anything fun in Battle for Azeroth?

It’s beta time!

Battle for Azeroth was revealed as the next World of Warcraft expansion at BlizzCon almost 6 months ago, and as many others I opted in for the beta, hoping to get picked for my 6th beta. Then, as you might have read in last week’s post, IRL won. IRL combined with lack of interest for the game and the discovery of other games. I didn’t have a subscription, so I just bought a WoW Token if I felt like playing for a month, and I have barely played since November.

Then the Battle for Azeroth alpha started and it became interesting to follow the updates. I thought Blizzard would do as they usually do and invite well-known streamers and similar people first, which they probably did. Then I got invited to the alpha in March, which I never expected as I didn’t even have an active subscription and had barely played for half a year. Maybe some of my feedback from the previous betas were useful and contributed to me being picked? Or maybe, and most likely, it’s just completely random who gets picked. I know I didn’t have time to play all the previous betas as much as I wanted, so can’t say that I contributed much on all of them. But I always reported the bugs I found and gave feedback where I thought it was necessary.

My first thought when I got the alpha was that I have to play it now when I’ve been lucky enough to get picked. I was of course very excited to explore the new zones, see the changes to balance druids and learn more about the storyline. So I installed it and started off in Zuldazar which is a beautiful zone with a great variety of quests and quest hubs. I haven’t completed all the quests in the zone because I spend a lot of time running around and looking at everything, zooming in and taking screenshots. Bugs were also discovered and had to be replicated and reported. I also tried to swim around the whole continent but stopped when I got denied entrance to Vol’dun and teleported away because the zone wasn’t opened yet.

Last week Battle for Azeroth went into beta which caused all character to get deleted. It was a fresh start, and after completing the exciting scenarios in Undercity and Stormwind, I decided to finally check out Vol’dun. I met the cutest race ever, the Vulpera, and two camels called Dot and Dolly. One of the Vulpera told me to take care of myself, cause no one else will, so I will keep that in mind when I wander about in the desolate Vol’dun.

I haven’t completed this zone yet either, but it has been fun so far. Like in Zuldazar, there are many small quest hubs, so you move around quite often which makes it more interesting cause you don’t get bored with one specific area. My goal is to finish this zone soon, but it will take me a while as I don’t want to rush through it.

Do you have beta access yet?

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