Secrets of Darkmoon Island


There is something mystical and mysterious about the Darkmoon Faire and their island. An island located somewhere in the Great Sea, people say it’s not far from Tol Barad, but none really knows. The island has a dark forest with fog, cliffs and jagged rocks, shipwrecks and hidden caves. And in the middle of all this you’ll find the Darkmoon Faire with all their shows and games.

Most people just go there to do their quests, play the deathmatch, maybe fish up the pet or buy a mount. They don’t really take anymore time to have a good look around, explore everything. But I do. There is so much to see, down to every little detail of the design or what’s in that forest, behind that tree or on that small island. Or what is that glittery green smoke!?

Ghosts.. There are 7 ghosts around the island and they all have a short story to tell about who they are, what happened or why they still are there.

Sithera Wellspun


I was supposed to get firewood for the campsite…I have such a hard time gathering firewood…I thought I saw something in the bushes nearby… Then I guess I blacked out.When I woke up, I couldn’t find my way back to the campsite…

Franklin Jenner


The war against the orcs, there seems to be no respite. So many have died at my hands. I just wanted to escape those horrors. I was promised I would never have to encounter the horrors of war at the faire. 

Kupp Coincare


Most of my debt was repaid… I think… Silas was able to repay most of my debt as long as I worked at the faire.I didn’t think anyone would mind if I didn’t stay to help run the faire.My debt was almost repaid. No one was going to miss those last gold coins…

Arlon Surehoof


I am to keep a close watch over the camp.I don’t know how long I’ve been watching over the camp…These woods are dangerous. A lesson I learned the hard way.Even death will not keep me from my duty to watch over the camp…

Martha Weller


The faire is my family. I would never leave my family. I could never leave an injured friend alone… So many people to tend to…

Brendon Paulson


For most of my life the faire has been my home.My life before the faire was hard. I never missed it, or my family. I joined the faire as a child. I joined the faire to escape my family. I ran away from my home in Strom after my father tried to kill me. I remember telling Silas, “I never want to see my family again.



I barely survived the shipwreck… The faire kept me from an execution. It saved my life. Silas kept me safe from my previous captors… I saw my captors die horrible deaths. And I laughed.

I remember back in Burning Crusade when I heard of some NPCs only being visible when you’re dead, so I tried that so many times but found nothing, I never thought they’d add something like that again but I love that they did. Things like this are what makes this game so fun to play.

Rona Greenteeth – between the trees west of the faire


Oh, a visitor. I don’t get many visitors out here. Hungry? I’ve cooked MANY delightful things, my dear. No, no, not the fish. Those are for when I can’t catch anything tastier, sweetling.

She talks very friendly but looks scary with that bloody cleaver and green teeth. If you’re hungry, she has plenty of food to sell.. But the way she laughs when she tells you what the food is made of should make you suspicious and less hungry..

You might wanna run as fast as you can back to the faire before she catches you and put you into one of the cages that are hanging in a tree where you’ll wait for her to turn you into delicious food..


Hidden cave


If you enjoy swimming I’d recommend you to check out the hidden cave beneath a shipwreck off the east coast of the island. It’s an empty cave but there is something strange about it, some of the stalagmites got faces on them..


Here is a gallery with different screenshots taken around the island and at the Darkmoon Faire.


10 thoughts on “Secrets of Darkmoon Island

  1. That is so totally cool. I would never have thought of looking for ghosts when I’m dead there! Now I’m going to have to go drown myself or something so I can visit them. :D

  2. Hi :), Thanks for this, I knew about the dead people but not about the cave, will check that out later for myself :). As for the npc’s in TBC, if it was the same ones they were in Nagrand and you could just see them wandering around the whole area if you had completed a whole quest chain. I don’t know if that quest chain is there any more but it was called “I see Dead Draenei”. You could also see ghosts in Caer Darrow outside of Scholo if you had the trinket “Spectral Essence” which was a quest reward from a pre-Cata quest. If you equipped the trinket then you could buy a recipe from a ghostly vendor there, but I can;t remember which recipe now. Thanks again for the dmf info. Carolan :)

  3. Well, well you’ve discovered some of the hidden bits upon our island. Hopefully you’ll be back again soon to see what other interesting things we can find… Such as all the new stuff the Faire has to offer!

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