Leveling in Battle For Azeroth

I hope everyone’s had a great first week (and a half?) in Battle For Azeroth! This week’s blog challenge by Z and Cinder is How do you level in Battle for Azeroth?

My tradition has always been to stay up all night on expansion release and play till I get too tired to stay awake. Grown up life doesn’t always care about my traditions, so this year was different but I still made it work. I didn’t have any plans on the 14th, but I had my first day of college on the 15th and had to get up early.

So my plan was to sleep for as long as I could and then pull an all nighter on the 14th and get up early the 15th. Sounds like a perfect plan, right? Play all night and day on release. Well, yes, but pulling an all nighter is so much harder to do now as a 28-year-old than what it was 10 years ago. And I don’t think I’ve ever stayed up for this long on expansion day before and leveled to max in one go (with small breaks). I think I was awake for 30 hours and it took me around 15 hours to level from 110 to 120.

I play Horde and had already leveled through the zones on the beta and knew the stories and the quests, so my plan was to rush through everything pretty fast. I started off in Vol’dun and continued to Nazmir and then Zuldazar, but I also did the war campaign foothold quests in Kul Tiras when I could. Dungeon queues were very long, so I only did one.

I enjoyed all the zones, but I think my favorite is Zuldazar because the zone is green and beautiful, has many interesting stories besides the main storyline and the quests are different and fun. But the screenshot is actually from Nazmir where you can be a frog and lick people to death.

We leveled pretty fast in the start when we were two, but it was much harder when I was alone. There weren’t always other people on the quests, so I had to kill many mobs alone which took a while. As the crazy Moonfire spam and Starfall loving moonkin I am, I did of course try to pull a ton of mobs and AOE them down, which didn’t always work out because the mobs hit hard. I didn’t die while leveling, but came really close and had to flee a few times to save myself.

It might not sound very fun to rush through the quests, but it was fun because even though I didn’t stop to read all the quests and dialogue, I still remembered most from the beta and skimmed through them quick so I knew who, where and why. There were also many new cinematics which were pretty awesome and made the storyline so much more exciting.

I would like to level an Alliance character next because the Kul Tiras zones look amazing and I haven’t leveled through them on Alliance side yet, just a few quests on the Horde side and world quests, but I want to know the Alliance story. I will of course have to slow down and read all the quests then, which I always do the first (or sometimes second time) because I like to know what’s going on and why.

How was your leveling experience in Battle For Azeroth and which zone has been your favorite so far?

12 thoughts on “Leveling in Battle For Azeroth

  1. Hey Syrco, your return has escaped me! Congratulations on 120 :)

    My goodness, that screenshot is priceless


    So hilarious, hah.

    Oooo, you have northern lights!?


    Well, we have rainbows over at our side, come join us :D (Seriously, I have seen rainbows)

    My favorite zone is Tiragarde Sound. But it’s the only zone I have done, so I guess it’s not fair to say yet, hah. I enjoy it so much :)

    1. Thank you! The frog quest was fun, but it might be Horde only as it’s in Nazmir. The second screenshot is actually from Drustvar, so I guess you’ll be going there soon :)

      1. Aha I see. I am saving Drustvar to last :) Just arrived in that northern zone (Hah, good times, so new that I have forgotten the name)

  2. Oh, also, I recently changed to Balance. But I’m more squishy than I thought I’d be, as you point out. How is your rotation when you are out and about questing?

    1. I can’t do big pulls anymore, so I pull like max 3-4 mobs if I’m alone. Sometimes I pull them with Starfire because the cast is long, then Moonfire, Sunfire, then Starfires and Starsurges or Starfall if there are enough mobs. But I got instant Starfires, the Warrior of Elune talent, so I use that after dots. Also got Mass Entanglement so I can root all mobs, run away and heal if needed :)

      1. Right, ok, me too. I can handle 3 perhaps. Oh, that sounds like a neat talent choice, will respec! Thanks :)

      2. Try it out, but just go for whatever you like the most. I don’t care about what’s best in PvE guides cause it’s different when you’re alone and doing quests. Resto affinity might help too if you need more healing.

      3. You are right :) Oh yes, I picked that indeed! It’s nice how Regrowth can be cast as Moonkin :)

  3. I can’t wait to level a Horde toon so I can see the story on your side – that frog quest sounds hilarious!!! And that’s a brilliant screen shot lol

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