Secrets of Nagrand

After listening to two of the latest episodes of Warcraft Less Traveled I got inspired to gather all Nagrand secrets in one post.

The Sword in the Stone

North west in Nagrand at the border to Zangarmarsh there is a stone with a sword in it. This is a reference to the novel The Sword in the Stone about King Arthur and how the one who can pull out the sword will become the king of England.

This sword in the stone makes me think of The Legend of Zelda Ocarina of Time where Link has to pull the Master Sword out from it’s pedestal in the Temple of Time.

Challe’s Home For Little Tykes

This orphanage is located in the Nagrand mountains above the Laughing Skull Ruins. There are four NPCs here, Challe a level 70 troll and three children where two of them are running around and one is standing in the corner of the sandbox. But there are also many babies of different races.

There is something weird about this place. I wonder why she has all those babies and the children, where did she find them and why doesn’t she give them to the orphanage in Shattrath where I’m sure they would have it a lot better. Cause I’m not sure she really cares about these children as there can be found explosives in the sandbox and why is there rotten meat in the doghouse? What about those cages behind the house, whose bones are in there? And why are those small baby taurens hanging there and spinning around? Wish I could save them all, especially those taurens, cutest thing I’ve ever seen.

Snakes On a Plane

There is a crashed plane near the Nesingwary Safari camp in Nagrand with some snakes on. A reference to the movie Snakes On a Plane.

Isaac Newton

On an island floating above Skysong Lake there is a skeleton with an axe in the skull and a shield by his side. He’s sitting up against an apple tree and many apples are lying on the ground. People say that all the floating islands defying gravity was too much for him.

Other unknown secrets or fun objects


Animal skeleton

Skeleton on a tomb

Please let me know if you know about a secret I’ve forgotten and I will add it and give you credit.

6 thoughts on “Secrets of Nagrand

  1. I remember visiting some of these places when questing and exploring back in BC. There are so many interesting places there. You’ve convinced me to go back soon and check these out :)

  2. I love those secret things! I didn’t know about the skeleton on the tomb, but I also found the orphanage fascinating! Great post Syrco :)

    1. Thank you :) I heard about the tomb on Warcraft Less Traveled cause I had almost forgotten about it, but I wish I knew what it meant or why it’s there, what they thought when they added it.

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