The hunter project

I don’t have a hunter, not on Kazzak. My old hunter is a goblin still stuck on level 85 on Chromaggus and I can’t really afford to move it and race change it, cause I don’t want to play a goblin hunter anymore. My bf has his shaman stuck on another realm and Alliance, so we decided to level up a hunter and shaman, both pandaren. I’m not sure if I wanna play it on 90 or not, cause I’m very happy with my druid main and shaman alt, but maybe I’ll try it out a little. I was survival on my old hunter but I didn’t like it, so I’m leveling this one as marksmanship but I might try beast mastery later and catch some good-looking pets.

Do any of your guys play a hunter? Which is most fun, PvP or PvE? And which spec? Any favorite pets I should get?

2 thoughts on “The hunter project

  1. Wow, pandaren look *good* in the Glimmering/Battleforged mail set! I don’t PvP, but I do enjoy running around with my PvE Hunter. I have two, one BM/Survival and one MM. Of the three specs, I lean towards BM, but that’s because I’ve spent most of my time in that spec.

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