Pengling sledding and painting goat

I was exploring Tiragarde Sound when I came across the Pengling Sledding Champion on a mountain near Bridgeport and Kennings Lodge. He lets you ride on his back and race down the glacier from a speeding yeti. I couldn’t find a video of it, so I made one.

It is part of the world quest Slippery Slopes on level 120 if the limited info on Wowhead is correct. This reminds me so much of the penguin race in Super Mario 64 which I played a lot back in 1997, I just wish this race was longer cause it’s so fun but too short.

I also discovered this goat with a paintbrush in his mouth. His canvas is still blank, so he hasn’t painted anything yet. I tried sitting on the stool next to him, hoping he would paint me, but sadly nothing happened.

Have you discovered anything fun in Battle for Azeroth?

Wetlands Farm


The Wetlands farm is an area in southwestern Wetlands. It used to be inaccessible yet viewed by players taking the flight path pre Cataclysm. But it’s now accessible after flying in Azeroth became available in Cataclysm.


The main farm area has several dwarven houses, a stable, outhouses, a farmland plot with haystacks and cows. There are a few dwarven farmers and guards in the area. Two Night Elves called Kartanus and Ranadae sit by the pond.


The first time I explored the farm was back in TBC. We found a way up in the mountains and Ironforge Airport which also was inaccessible back then. From there we went to the Wetlands border and the waterfall there. We used Slowfall to get down alive. The farm area looked different back then and they added more grass, trees etc to make it look better for Cataclysm flying.

Here are some screenshots from TBC


In the middle of the area is a signpost with three directions. It reads “This way”, “That way” and “The other way”.


There is a tunnel in the mountain which some players claims to be an alpha entrance to Ironforge. The tunnel is sealed off with a gate but if you look through it you’ll see blue sky. This is actually what the world looks like from below and if you were to get through the gate and jump out you might fall down into the emptiness and eventually die.


If you go to the east you’ll find a dwarf asleep below a tree with plenty of sheep grazing in the field around him. A pond can be found further to the east, a crashed airplane and a skeleton lies on the bottom.

Have you ever been to the Wetlands farm?

World of Warcraft Secrets: Echoes of Lordaeron

If you play with your own music on or without ambient sounds you might have missed this, or if you’re just too busy and always rushing around to get things done. Maybe you should stop for a while, turn up your ingame sound and ambience and listen carefully.

You might know the story, maybe you’ve played Warcraft 3 and seen the cinematic, about how Arthas returned home to Lordaeron after claiming Frostmourne in Northrend and losing his last remnants of sanity. The people were celebrating his return but he went straight in to see his father. Arthas knelt before him and the Lich King in Arthas mind said “You no longer need to sacrifice for your people. You no longer need to bear the weight of your crown. I’ve taken care of everything.” Then he approached his father at the throne, lifted Frostmourne and drove it through him.

“This kingdom shall fall, and from the ashes shall arise a new order that will shake the very foundations of the world!”

Their dialogue can still be heard as echoes through the throne room in the ruins of Lordaeron. But there are other echoes there too, words and sentences which are harder to hear and understand and some of them aren’t part of their dialogue in the cinematic, I can’t find them anywhere on the internet.

Let … eyes be closed
Humanity is
Now times have come … will end

I’ve been trying to figure out these sentences but nothing really matches and I’m still not sure what they say.

But these echoes of voices aren’t the only things you can hear in Lordaeron. If you start walking from the courtyard and enter the first room with the broken bell, you can hear the echoes of the bell ringing when Arthas returned. When you continue to the next room, the hallway, you can hear crowds of people cheering and applauding and if you look down on the ground you can still see the rose petals. The next room is the throne room where Arthas killed his father, this is where you can hear echoes of their conversation and everything that happened, plus these sentences which I can’t figure out what means or where they are from. You can also see blood on the floor near the throne.

I love how they’ve done this, to make us remember what happened, it’s there but not everyone have noticed it.

Here is a script for the sound file which you can play ingame. If it’s not working, retype the ” ” signs.

/script PlaySoundFile(“Sound\\Ambience\\WMOAmbience\\UnderCityThorneRoom.wav”)

Secrets in TBC: Desolace ruins and Dire Maul

If you’re Horde you’ve most likely seen the ruins I’m talking about. I first noticed them way back in TBC when I took a flight path from Thunder Bluff to somewhere in Desolace. I wondered what they were and if it was possible to get to them. I spent a lot of time trying to find ways to get up there, and I finally found one and went to explore the area with a friend.

I went back there later and made this

Here are the screenshots from the first time we went there.

Some of the ruins. They are still there and you can get there by flying mount.

We thought these ruins were the only thing there, but we went looking what else was up there since we first managed to get up, which was a bit hard.

This is where we got to. At first we had no idea where we were, but then we saw Dire Maul above us.

Secrets in TBC: Uninstanced Zul’Gurub

I’ve been an explorer since I started playing this game in TBC, and I’ve still got all of my old screenshots from the adventures we went on back then. This is the first of a series of posts about the old secrets or hidden places we found back then, most of them are gone now.

I had the best guildies back in TBC, they were much like me, loved exploring hidden areas in Azeroth. We could spend hours scanning the maps, and searching on the internet and YouTube for new places to go, or if we found a new place on our own check if anyone else had posted about it.

I remember we looked on the map of the Eastern Kingdom and saw that not the whole area of the Blasted Lands became highlighted when we hovered over it, so we wondered if there was anything else there, above or behind the mountains. So we went down to check. I think we spent an hour or so jumping around trying to climb up the mountains, and we finally made it.

What we found was an empty unfinished area with different art, texture and coloring missing. We went further on and found ourselves near the wall which goes around Zul’Gurub and we thought we might try to get up on it and inside cause we have heard of people getting inside the uninstanced Zul’Gurub before and we wondered what it was like.

It was different from the instanced version, like when you fly inside there now but with several glitches in the buildings.