Pengling sledding and painting goat

I was exploring Tiragarde Sound when I came across the Pengling Sledding Champion on a mountain near Bridgeport and Kennings Lodge. He lets you ride on his back and race down the glacier from a speeding yeti. I couldn’t find a video of it, so I made one.

It is part of the world quest Slippery Slopes on level 120 if the limited info on Wowhead is correct. This reminds me so much of the penguin race in Super Mario 64 which I played a lot back in 1997, I just wish this race was longer cause it’s so fun but too short.

I also discovered this goat with a paintbrush in his mouth. His canvas is still blank, so he hasn’t painted anything yet. I tried sitting on the stool next to him, hoping he would paint me, but sadly nothing happened.

Have you discovered anything fun in Battle for Azeroth?

Tekton and Elwynn Falls


Elwynn Falls in Elwynn Forest, Eastern Kingdoms, used to be a closed off area, until the Shattering and Cataclysm when it became possible to fly in Azeroth. It was created as a scenery when using the flight paths.


But it wasn’t impossible to get to Elwynn Falls, because I remember I went there in the Burning Crusade with some friends. I’m not sure how we got up there but I think it was by climbing and jumping up from Burning Steppes and then jumping down. We spent a lot of time there looking at the pretty waterfalls and trying to find a way up to the house above but it was impossible.


So it after Cataclysm was released and I learnt to fly in Azeroth this place was one of the first places I went, and I visit it every time I’m in the area, which isn’t very often as I play Horde and I’m rarely in the Eastern Kingdoms.


The house is now inhabited by a gnome, Agee Tyler, who sits in front of the fireplace in his otherwise empty house. A herd of sheep graze outside the house, they all look like normal sheep except for one which looks like a robot sheep, that sheep’s name is Tekton.


Most players love killing critters, but I’m warning you, killing these sheep might cause you to get blown off the cliff and die, because Tekton explodes and knock back on death.


Agee Tyler won’t be very happy with you either, because he will come out of his house and yell at you “HEY! What the heck, guy?!”, before storming back in while muttering “Of all the slimy, inconsiderate, bullheaded…”

Newman’s Landing


Newman’s Landing is a small area on the west coast of Dun Morogh which can be reached by flying or swimming.

The area has a house and a dock. There are several items around like an alcohol still, boxes of grain, bone piles, a sign reading “Newman’s Landing” and a sunken boat in the water. A white object which looks like a cup can be seen on a table. It has two letters, an F and one that might be a T, and it has the logo of a hammer which has some resemblance to the Ironforge logo, but without the shield.

A goblin named High Admiral “Shelly” Jorrik stands at the dock with two Booty Bay Bruisers. He sells blacksmithing supplies and can repair your gear.


Newman’s Landing is very old, so most of you might have heard of it before or even been there. I remember when I first discovered it back in the Burning Crusade when I was swimming around the continent looking for places like this. Here is a screenshot from one of the first times I went there in the Burning Crusade.


Some people say that Newman’s Landing is where new Alliance characters appear for a brief moment before being moved to their starting zones. Others think the name is a pun for “No Man’s Land”.

What do you think?

World of Warcraft Secrets: Underwater goblin club room

I first discovered this area back in Cataclysm after I had heard rumours about a hidden underwater room in a boat in Thousand Needles. So I went searching for it and finally found the entrance. You have to swim under the Fizzle and Pozzik’s Speedbarage and into the hole where the chain to the anchor is.


The room is filled with water and some items are floating around. There is a goblin calendar on the wall, drinks and food on the table. But what’s interesting is there are three chairs around the table.


They’re called Aya’s Chair, Twin’s Chair and Mowi’s Chair. But there are no NPCs with those names on the boat. I read somewhere that those are the names of a designer’s friends, but also that Mowi and Twin are the NPCs Explorer Mowi and Prospector Brewer in Deepholm.


Who do you think the chairs belong to?

World of Warcraft Secrets: Steam Pools Resort

The Steam Pools Resort can be found high up in the Feralas mountains.

SteamPools10It’s a holiday resort for the rich, run by Gadgetzan goblins. Resort Director Lasha Gearwheel and Assistant Resort Director Gott Weedlespan.

It has a large lake and smaller steaming hot pools.

You can relax in a lawn chair with a pina colada, sunbath on the beach or go swimming in the lake.


If you think the lake water is too cold, take a scolding bath in the hot steam pools.

Mammoth rides and boat rides might be something for you if you like adventures and exploring.

Buy a delicious fish burger at the beach snack bar

Or head over to Gordon Tramsay’s kitchen for a gourmet dinner.

If you’re lucky you might run in to the famous Johnny Awesome.