World of Warcraft Secrets: Steam Pools Resort

The Steam Pools Resort can be found high up in the Feralas mountains.

SteamPools10It’s a holiday resort for the rich, run by Gadgetzan goblins. Resort Director Lasha Gearwheel and Assistant Resort Director Gott Weedlespan.

It has a large lake and smaller steaming hot pools.

You can relax in a lawn chair with a pina colada, sunbath on the beach or go swimming in the lake.


If you think the lake water is too cold, take a scolding bath in the hot steam pools.

Mammoth rides and boat rides might be something for you if you like adventures and exploring.

Buy a delicious fish burger at the beach snack bar

Or head over to Gordon Tramsay’s kitchen for a gourmet dinner.

If you’re lucky you might run in to the famous Johnny Awesome.

4 thoughts on “World of Warcraft Secrets: Steam Pools Resort

  1. Nice Screenshots Syrco! I still love coming to old contents. still brings back a lot of memories from one character to another doing quest adventures. =)

    1. Thanks :D I’ve got a list of great places I have yet to write about, most of them are old, but still fun to read about and explore again. My goal is to write a post about all of my favorite hidden locations in WoW.

  2. My Url on first comment is wrong its supposed to be =) It’s been a while hon. Im bringing back this blog of mine i created back in Dec 2011. lol

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