Wetlands Farm


The Wetlands farm is an area in southwestern Wetlands. It used to be inaccessible yet viewed by players taking the flight path pre Cataclysm. But it’s now accessible after flying in Azeroth became available in Cataclysm.


The main farm area has several dwarven houses, a stable, outhouses, a farmland plot with haystacks and cows. There are a few dwarven farmers and guards in the area. Two Night Elves called Kartanus and Ranadae sit by the pond.


The first time I explored the farm was back in TBC. We found a way up in the mountains and Ironforge Airport which also was inaccessible back then. From there we went to the Wetlands border and the waterfall there. We used Slowfall to get down alive. The farm area looked different back then and they added more grass, trees etc to make it look better for Cataclysm flying.

Here are some screenshots from TBC


In the middle of the area is a signpost with three directions. It reads “This way”, “That way” and “The other way”.


There is a tunnel in the mountain which some players claims to be an alpha entrance to Ironforge. The tunnel is sealed off with a gate but if you look through it you’ll see blue sky. This is actually what the world looks like from below and if you were to get through the gate and jump out you might fall down into the emptiness and eventually die.


If you go to the east you’ll find a dwarf asleep below a tree with plenty of sheep grazing in the field around him. A pond can be found further to the east, a crashed airplane and a skeleton lies on the bottom.

Have you ever been to the Wetlands farm?

What’s in a name?

In this week’s shared topic on Blog Azeroth Llani from Pocket Heals asks:

How did you come up with you character names?

My current main’s name is Syrco which is short for Syrcorax which is my alt but old main.

The story about my name starts back in 2007 when I created my first character. I chose faction, race and looks fast, but when I got to name I stopped up cause I had to think. I didn’t know what to write. I wanted a good name, not just some random funny name, I wanted it to sound correct, like the warrior my character should become.

I know I was very interested in astronomy back then. I knew when all the solar eclipses were, passages, name of all planets, moons and other facts. I loved the planet and moon names cause many of them were so good or beautiful names. I don’t know how all of the moons and planets got their names but many are from different history, mythology and literature.

This came in mind when I was trying to think of a name for my character, so I looked up some moon names on google and picked one which looked like a fitting name for a warrior. It was the name of one of Uranus’ moons: Sycorax. But then I thought, I can’t be the only person who have chosen this name, back then I didn’t know Sycorax also was a race in Doctor Who, so I added an R to make it more unique and I thought it both sounded and looked good. Syrcorax.

But in my first guild people found the name a too long and started to call me Syrco or just Syrc. Syrco then became my nick name and what I registered as on different WoW or gaming related forums. I got many friends in WoW who later I spoke to other places too like MSN, email, Facebook etc, so sometimes I changed my nick/note there to Syrco because that was the name they knew me as. I’ve also been to guild meetings where we have called each other by our character names of the same reason.

I still have left to run into someone with the same name, and I’m now glad I added that R cause I have met a person called Sycorax, a priest on my current realm Chromaggus. He was one of the first persons who spoke to me when I transferred. He asked if I had copied his name. Later another person asked if I was a big fan of Doctor Who. People obviously don’t see the difference between Syrcorax and Sycorax.

When I chose this name I didn’t know the original version Sycorax was more than just a moon, it was first later I read it was a race in Doctor Who, an African witch and a character in Shakespeare’s fantasy play “The Tempest”.

I also tried to find out what the origin of the name is, but none really knows. It has been suggested that “cora” could be from latin corvus which means raven, or from Corax of Syracuse, one of the founders of Greek rhetoric. If the last one is correct the R I added fits in cause of Syr(acuse)corax, and I had no idea.

None of my other characters have names from moons, yet, but I try to always come up with unique names that none else has. But I get inspired by the WoW lore, other games or fantasy books and movies, history and astronomy. I have tried name generators but never found any good and unique names there.

Some of my alts’ names are Allerian and Alleriana – after Alleria Windrunner. Tojopolaris – Norwegian Maine Coon cattery, but Tojo is a character in a Lion King comic, and Polaris is another name for the North Star. Pantalaimon – Character in the book and movie His Dark Materials (The Golden Compass).

I’m very happy with my character names and will always try to find good and unique names for new characters in the future, this goes for real life too, or I think it will, you know, pets, children… when, if, in the future, maybe.

Adding a link to a website I’ve been visiting alot when looking for names or just inspiration, promise you will find good names here.

Ready for 4.0.1 and Cataclysm?

Today Blizzard officially announced that Cataclysm will be released on December 7. And the 4.0.1 patch will most likely be here next week and many things like achievements will become feasts of strength and be unable to achieve. One would think that I with all my spare time already had done all this, but no, I completely forgot about it or I just didn’t believe the patch and Cataclysm was that close.

I read this article on WoW Insider and it got me thinking, so now I sit here with one week left and several half-done achievements. Not that it’s very important to me, just annoying to almost have them complete. The ones I really wish I had are Conqueror and Champion of Ulduar cause I only need a few of the easy bosses to get them, I just didn’t think they would get removed, but of course they will now when I think about it. None will die on those bosses with all that gear and new abilities.

Same with the Immortal and Undying, I would love to have them on my current main which I believe will be my main in Cataclysm. I’m not a person who goes after achievement points or want to achieve everything, but I would really like to have these things before they get removed and I feel I also deserve some of them cause I’ve spent so much time there, in Ulduar and Naxxramas but always been unlucky and never gotten those achievements.

I also wish I had the ZG raptor mount on my druid, but I have done ZG so many times and never seen it drop, and I have the tiger, so maybe I should be happy. But I don’t think I’m far from exalted with the tribe, so maybe I’ll finish that achievement.

But things I’m looking forward to with 4.0.1 are:

  • The new eclipse mechanic for us druids, you can read more about It and see screenshots of it in this post.
  • Reforging because with all these new class changes and spirit gives hit and my gear already has enough hit, I will be far over cap and can easily turn some of the hit into for example haste, crit or mastery.
  • New talent trees: Yes, I love the new balance tree! I love the new spells and talents! As my character on the beta isn’t a premade and it has been hard to gear up for heroics, I haven’t been able to test everything I wanted to test, so looking forward to test it on live. I just can’t wait! Hope my love for balance druid will grow bigger and I will think “Yes, of course I wanna stay moonkin in Cataclysm!”
  • Improved graphics on water and lava, this is a big improvement from the old graphics, now it will look like real water and lava!
  • Spell alerts to notify procs: Never figured out to use the addon which does this, but this new built-in spell alert doesn’t need any customization and works for procs like Nature’s Grace and Shooting Stars around the character and the spell will be highlighted on the action bar.
  • Text when leveling up to tell you when new talents, spells and abilities are available. Used an addon for this before.

The full patch notes can be found here.

When Cataclysm hits more will be changed and removed, I don’t have a list, and there might be some other things I have to do before, but I’ll find out. The biggest changes will be the world of Azeroth. It will change so much, in good and bad ways. The changes look amazing, but I’ll miss old Azeroth so much cause I have so many memories from back in those days I leveled my first character and explored the zones for the first time.  But it’s good that they finally make some changes to the old world, as content changes, and the level increases the world should be changed too, just logical.

VG.no article (Norwegian)