Secrets in TBC: Desolace ruins and Dire Maul

If you’re Horde you’ve most likely seen the ruins I’m talking about. I first noticed them way back in TBC when I took a flight path from Thunder Bluff to somewhere in Desolace. I wondered what they were and if it was possible to get to them. I spent a lot of time trying to find ways to get up there, and I finally found one and went to explore the area with a friend.

I went back there later and made this

Here are the screenshots from the first time we went there.

Some of the ruins. They are still there and you can get there by flying mount.

We thought these ruins were the only thing there, but we went looking what else was up there since we first managed to get up, which was a bit hard.

This is where we got to. At first we had no idea where we were, but then we saw Dire Maul above us.

The Whispering Forest

The Whispering Forest is a subzone west in Tirisfal Glades. Pre Cataclysm it was just an empty unfinished area. Now it’s a forest with many secrets. There is a big lake with a crashed airplane on the bottom, beside the plane is a gnome-like skeleton. A chest with a skull on can also be found in the lake. On a small island in the lake there is a skeleton with a sword in the back and a fishing pole in the hand. There is also a chair with an umbrella and box of fishing tools. Many rats can be found in the zone and there are stags and fawns in the forrest, the small ones which look plagued or infected by something. I wonder why. The most mysterious thing is a ring of glowing mushrooms in the forest which I will tell you more about.

I have actually been there several times but not much happened there so I left, then I had no idea about this amazing event which happens every 6 hours or so.

It was a coincidence that Zampano and I went there late one night and we had read something about dragons spawning but had no idea what they would do, or do anything at all. When we arrived there were a few Fey-Drunk Darters there and more spawned. We sat there a while and just looked at them, when they suddenly flew towards the ring of mushrooms and started channeling these golden beams towards a portal in the center called Faerie Circle. The music changed and notes appeared over their heads like they were singing, this beautiful and mysterious and magical song. Never heard anything like it before. The deers in the forest gathered around to watch. It lasted for about 2-3 minutes, then they despawned.

I felt stunned and amazed by this event. Why would such a beautiful event take place here, where people never are, or it’s not like you have a reason to go there if you don’t know about it. Maybe it’s for a later patch or something? I hope so, so people get to see it, but still I kinda want it to be a secret. Cause I love these hidden, secret places people usually miss as they rush through quests and other things. I like to have more time and explore everything, every little corner of the map. But I still think there has to be more, or would they really do that much for a 3 min event in a place like that?

If you wanna experience this event you just need to have time to camp the place, wait and be patient. I’ve no idea about their spawn times, they might change or even be random. But some people have said every 6 hours but it doesn’t seem to be 100% correct. It takes about 40 minutes from the first dragon spawns till they all seven have spawned, and then about 10 to 40 minutes more before the even actually starts. First time we saw them was at night, when it was dark and the moon was shining, but the video I frapsed in the afternoon so sun was still up. Have to say it was most magical during the night.

This wonderful piece of music is made by Derek Duke and I wrote him a message on Facebook to thank him for the beautiful music and I got this answer

Thanks for the compliment. I’m so happy people find these little ‘secrets’ in WoW. Like the real world, there are so many hidden treasures if we keep our eyes open.

There is a script you can write ingame to play the song, you might have to copy it and then retype the ” signs for it to work.
/script PlaySoundFile(“Sound\\Music\\Cataclysm\\MUS_41_faeriedragon_UE01.mp3”)

If you want to read more about secrets and hidden places in WoW, be sure to check out other adventures and secrets I’ve explored and the podcast Warcraft Less Traveled who also had a show about the Whispering Forest. You can also read more about the lore behind the Whispering Forest on WoW Insider Know Your Lore and What’s happening in the Whispering Forest.

New Starsurge graphic again and again!

Starsurge got yet another new graphic in beta build 13117 September 30th. So I had to make a new video of it, again! This is the 4th.

I’m very happy with this new graphic cause it’s gigantic and blue, I think it looks like a blue signal flare, and I love it! Hope they’ll keep this one.

The first one was green and looked like a bogger, who think green when they think of Starsurge? I think blue/white, maybe because Starsurge sounds like an arcane spell, but it does spellstorm damage which count as both arcane and nature damage. The second one was blue/white but very small, third was more electric still blue/white and small, I liked this one, I never thought they would change it again.

Here are the old ones so you can see what it looked like before.




Only one thing to say…..


Throne of the Tides

A new dungeon in Abyssal Maw in Vashj’ir.


Lady Naz’jar: Naga. Phase 1: tank the boss, move away from the blue water vortex on the ground and the green fungal spores. Phase 2 at 66%: She banishes herself into a vortex and is invulnerable. Three adds will spawn, kill them. Repeat till she’s dead.

Commander Ulthok : Faceless one. Make sure everyone is topped off at all times, avoid dark fissures, he can pick up a random player and squeeze them for 5000 dmg per second for 4 seconds.

Erunak Stonespeaker: Broken. Dps down to 50% and the Mindless One which was mind controlling Erunak will appear and will target the player with highest threat and mind control them, dps it down to 50% and they will be released, continue dps on the boss.

Ozumat : Leviathan (huge squid). Phase 1: Kill the murlocs and mindlashers, tank kites behemoths. Phase 2: Kill sappers, tank behemoths and blight beasts. Phase 3: Kill all mobs, you will see Ozumat on the outside, kill him.


Exploring Uldum

The zone I’ve been looking forward to the most is Uldum. I remember when I started to play WoW and explored Tanaris I saw the Uldum gate and tried to find out what was behind it.
Of course it was nothing cause it wasn’t open. But I read all the story about it I could find on the net and when I heard they’ll open it in Cataclysm I was like “yey finally” so I have seen a lot of screenshots and videos from there, but now I wanted to go there myself and explore it.
It’s not a small zone so it took a while to fly around there,and I died sometimes cause I got dismounted and then you get to the Northernd Barrens graveyard and couldn’t be arsed to run down, so ressed there and flew down again. Expensive over 100 g in repairs…