Troll or tauren

Male tauren and female troll, new models in Warlords of Draenor
Male tauren and female troll in WoD

I’m trying to decide which race I want my druid to be in Warlords of Draenor. It stands between female troll and male tauren. My druid was a male tauren before so it won’t be that much of a change for me going back to tauren. I race changed to troll when trolls got to be druids because I wanted to be an orange moonkin and because my guild thought the racial skill Berserking was very important.

My druid before the patch

But I’ve been thinking about changing back for a while now but I wanted to see what the new race models looked like before I decided. We got to see the tauren very early and I thought they looked amazing so I was very excited to see the new troll model but I think I had too high expectations because I was actually a bit disappointed. Right now I don’t really remember why, maybe because I’ve got used to them. But I think I hoped they would look more like the troll models from Isle of Thunder and Throne of Thunder, like High Priestess Mar’li. And I really hoped they would make them be able to wear shoes so I don’t have to see their ugly feet with the heel toenail all the time.

High Priestess Mar'li
High Priestess Mar’li

I’ve tested both races on the beta and right now I’m leaning toward male tauren because I think they look the best. They’re big, their emotes and facial expressions are good and every piece of armor will look amazing on them. But I’ll wait till the patch and try it out a little bit more before I decide.

Which race do you think I should choose? Are you planning to race change any of your characters?

8 thoughts on “Troll or tauren

  1. As you’re going to be a druid, consider the cat/bear forms :) Fangs or horns will be there all the time. However it won’t matter if you plan Balance/Healing specs.

    I’m having 7 chars which will undergo a model change tomorrow (BE, panda and goblin stay the same yet), and all in all I’m happy with the previews. Most probably I’m using Barbershop/Plastic Surgery for human female cause she will look as a heavy smoker/drug user tomorrow, and my warlock gnome female face has also become very evil (while gnome mage is ok).

    And I wonder if the troll face you’ve posted is the replacement for my rogue, cause the pictures are now stunning pretty, and my troll’s face is the prettiest of all now :)

    1. I updated my post with a picture of how my druid looked like before the patch :) 7 characters, that’s expensive, glad I only got one I want to race change :P

      1. No, I didn’t mean I’m gonna reboot the looks for all of my chars :) Just human and one of the gnomes so far – through barbershop it will be possible to change faces for small in-game gold. The races stay as they were of course.

      2. I re-read my post and see why you were confused :) By “model change tomorrow” I meant new models that Blizzard will give them automatically, the updated ones.

  2. I’m not planning on race changing any of mine. I am, however, very seriously considering gender changing my draenei from female to male, because I’m pretty disappointed with the new female models.
    As for your druid race choice, that’s a tough one. I happen to have one druid of each (female troll and male tauren) and I have to say I’m glad because I’m thrilled with both of their models. I’d probably have to wait and see in your place too.

  3. I am biased. But, I do like the female troll form. I actually don’t like kitty troll forms! I much prefer the tauren ones but I think thats because I am used to it.

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