Complete Challenge Mode, check!

We finally got it done this week! My boyfriend and I looked for a group that sold boosts for quite some time because we had never done any of the challenge modes and we never had anyone to do them with. So we thought it would be easier and we would save a lot of time and stress by just paying someone to drag us through it. We found three friendly Swedes in Consilium, the guild we’re social in on Kazzak, who only wanted 60 000 gold per character if we wanted to boost two characters each. That was perfect for us because my boyfriend wanted to boost his death knight and druid, and I wanted to boost my shaman and druid.

It went very smoothly, no real wipes and not many deaths. We did one run on Sunday and one on Thursday, it took around 2-3 hours to complete each run. We were extra careful not to do anything wrong but the boosters knew exactly what to do and where to go, so we just followed them and did as they said.

I’m so happy with my new transmogs on both my druid and shaman and the mounts!

Which characters have you completed the Challenge Modes on?

3 thoughts on “Complete Challenge Mode, check!

  1. I came to challange mode quite late and have only managed to do them all on silver as my druid with a bunch of guildies. Would love to have done more of them on gold but we have just run out of time. They did prove to be quite good fun if a little stressful at time.

    We definately plan to keep doing them in WoD from the start this time

    1. I never had anyone to do the challenge modes, but I hope I’ll find someone to do them with in WoD so I don’t have to buy a boost :P

      1. When a couple of us managed to get full silver we got more guildies and raiding buddies asking to do them and most of them said that they had just been interested from the start of cata but as none of us were pushing it it never happened. Last night we managed to get two more their full silver which only leaves one person who helped in out runs. Unfortunately I think she has now run out of time as she took a bit of a break and still has 6 to do.

        I think you just need to find a group of like minded people you can trust to help each other out. With some of the harder ones we just got four of us (already at silver) taking each of the people who needed them through it one at a time. It is this sort of attitude, helping each other out, that makes my guild what it is.

        Good luck on WoD

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