Troll or tauren

Male tauren and female troll, new models in Warlords of Draenor
Male tauren and female troll in WoD

I’m trying to decide which race I want my druid to be in Warlords of Draenor. It stands between female troll and male tauren. My druid was a male tauren before so it won’t be that much of a change for me going back to tauren. I race changed to troll when trolls got to be druids because I wanted to be an orange moonkin and because my guild thought the racial skill Berserking was very important.

My druid before the patch

But I’ve been thinking about changing back for a while now but I wanted to see what the new race models looked like before I decided. We got to see the tauren very early and I thought they looked amazing so I was very excited to see the new troll model but I think I had too high expectations because I was actually a bit disappointed. Right now I don’t really remember why, maybe because I’ve got used to them. But I think I hoped they would look more like the troll models from Isle of Thunder and Throne of Thunder, like High Priestess Mar’li. And I really hoped they would make them be able to wear shoes so I don’t have to see their ugly feet with the heel toenail all the time.

High Priestess Mar'li
High Priestess Mar’li

I’ve tested both races on the beta and right now I’m leaning toward male tauren because I think they look the best. They’re big, their emotes and facial expressions are good and every piece of armor will look amazing on them. But I’ll wait till the patch and try it out a little bit more before I decide.

Which race do you think I should choose? Are you planning to race change any of your characters?

Transmog: Stormrider and Unbending Spirit

I’m so happy with my current transmogs on my druid and shaman.

My druid is wearing the blue Stormrider (tier 11) set with a belt I though matched and my favorite staff/polearm. I love the color of this set! I’ve always wanted Frostscythe of Lord Ahune but it doesn’t want to drop for my druid, so I found the next best option, Witch-Hunter’s Harvester. It doesn’t look as good a the Frostscythe but it’s still pretty awesome. By the way, I can’t wait to see the updated troll female model! I dislike the troll feet so much, hope they make them look better or make troll able to wear real boots. Give me Warlords of Draenor already!

  • Stormrider’s Shoulderwarps
  • Stormrider’s Vestment
  • Stormrider’s Gloves
  • Malcontent’s Belt
  • Witch-Hunter’s Harvester


My shaman is wearing parts of the Unbending Spirit set together with some random parts I found in my bank. I never got the whole Unbending Spirit set for my shaman, but I really liked the parts I got so I had to be creative to find other parts which looked good with it. So this is what I came up with.

  • Faceguard of Celestial Harmony
  • Unbending Spirit Pauldrons
  • Unbending Spirit Vest
  • Felfury Gauntlets
  • Pillager’s Girdle
  • Unbending Spirit Kilt
  • Prideful Gladiator’s Footguards
  • Hammer of Purified Flame
  • Loa-Binder Disc

Through Your Interface – Day 9: Your Character’s Hometown

Your Character’s Hometown
We all have the same starting zones where we begin our various quests, but where does your character actually hail from? 

I’ve never actually created a story for my characters so this one is a little hard. But my druid was originally a tauren and I taurens are my favorite race and for me the real druids of the Horde side.

Syrco is a troll druid, her parents died when she was just a baby, they were traveling through Azeroth and were attacked. Taurens of the Bloodhoof tribe found her and raised her as one of theirs. As taurens are nomads she grew up traveling and moving between different places and seeing a lot of the world which might be why she is so adventurous and loves exploring. If her hometown is where she spent most of her time growing up, that would be Bloodhoof Village and Thunder Bluff, but one of her favorite places which now sadly is gone is the small farm they had on the coast of Silithus.

So even though she is a troll, she feels like a tauren, lives and thinks like one. The taurens have a special place in her heart.

Troll or tauren

New race/class combinations are finally avaliable and many people are changing from tauren druid to troll druid. I’ve already told you about my love for taurens but people have asked me if I was going troll druid and I have been considering it because of the racial and the colorful forms.

Have to say I’m really disappointed in the moonkin form. I thought they were going to make a totally new moonkin skin for trolls and worgens, and maybe update the tauren and night elf form. I remember back in the days they said they were placeholders, ye right, for all these years? And they took the time to update all the other forms and hunter pets or whatever it was I read about in a new blue post thingy on MMO-Champion.

I’ve always been a tauren, or wait.. My druid has been a night elf cause I played alliance for a year, but didn’t really like it, the racial was ok and I like the night elf moonkin form. But was happy when I came back to Horde this summer.

But I have other tauren characters and the troll racial is really good for moonkin, so I decided to race change and test it, see how it feels to be a troll. Feels a bit sad right now, like I’m betraying the tauren, will miss my cute tauren and /moo. But think I’ll race change my paladin from blood elf to tauren, never liked blood elves. So one goes from tauren, another one becomes a tauren.

<3 Tauren <3

Gnomes and trolls – new starting zones

About time? Who wants to share with dwarves or orcs.. So they finally get their own. Operation Gnomeregan is Gelbin Mekkatorque’s plan to retake Gnomeregan and Zalazane’s Fall is Vol’jin and the Darkspear tribe’s final push to retake the Echo Isles. This will be events before the release of Cataclysm, so we get the whole story there about how they lost their cities and how to retake them. I haven’t seen the videos from this or played it yet, cause I think I’ll wait and be surprised.

But I’ve played the new starting zones and they are much better than the old ones. The intros aren’t done yet, but I made a small video showing the intro and start quest and a bit of the zone, and adding some screenshots.

More about the events:’s_Fall