Druid Tier 11

Boubouille of MMO-Champion has shown us a preview of all the tier 11, so has Wowhead, and I prefer Wowhead because you can change the race and gender of the model, sorry Boubouille, I don’t like humans as much as you do. Here is the link to Wowhead’s preview of druid tier 11. You can choose any race and gender, even gnome, but I only took of night elf, tauren and troll cause they are the druids. There is no worgen model.

My first thought when I saw the druid tier 11 was “priest”, cause the shoulders look like wings. But it doesn’t look like cloth and why would a priest have a beak on their head and claws on their shoulders, so it’s clearly a druid set. The colors made me unsure, the blue and white set, cause when I think druid I think of brown, green, nature colors. Blue and white is for me more mage and priest.

But I love how they’ve used feathers and the shape of the shoulders, and finally some new colors, to be honest I’m tired of brown and green druid sets.

So here they are, what do you think of the druid T11? Which set do you like, and on which race/gender?


5 thoughts on “Druid Tier 11

  1. Female Nelf, green hair, brown tone set. That would be my favorite.

    …I do have to ask, did you notice that we’re looking at the back of every female character in the pictures you used? >.> Secret bias? ;)

    1. Ye, that was the point. I made the pictures. And it was to show what the set looks like from behind. Link to wowhead is there so you can see for yourself and rotate them :)

  2. One thing is for sure: Blizzard just loves putting dead birds on top of droods. All the time, dead birds!

    I prefer the blue set, love the wings tbh!

    1. We love nature so much that we just happen to wear anything we see on the ground! And I totally didn’t just moonfire a bird so I could work on building my set. Honest.

      1. Haha, true, but isn’t that how we should make our gear? From things in the nature. I like feathers, bark and claws. Not so fan of the bird on the head anymore, too many of those already :P Remember the old sets? Moose or raindeer head :P

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