Alt Appreciation: Monk week

Laeleiweyn of World of Lae started a challenge where we are to celebrate our alts. Every class has its own week and during that week we’ll post something about that class.

I haven’t had time to finish my alt appreciation posts, because I went away on holiday after mage week and when I got back there was just so much going on. But I’ll continue now and I might post more than one post each week.



First time I played a monk was on the Mists of Pandaria beta. My boyfriend had decided to reroll monk and level up on the release day so I thought I’d keep him company and level a monk with him. I wrote a post about our plan and how we prepared, you can read it here. The plan worked very well and we had good use of all the pots, flasks and gear we had prepared. It’s was a lot of fun to level a monk up for the first time. But I decided to switch to my druid when my monk hit 85 because my druid was still going to be my main. My plan was to level up the monk after but it’s still stuck on level 85. But I haven’t forgotten about it, and I will level it up to 90 one day.

Druids are shapeshifters and meant to be in forms

We have been talking about this for ages, it has always been a popular topic among druids, we have been discussing, arguing and complaining. Especially after Bear and Cat Form got redesigned in patch 3.2.0 Call of the Crusade and the new Tree of Life model in Cataclysm.

The bears and cats were happy with their new looks, some resto druids were happy when they got the Glyph of Treant which gave back the old treant form and some are still unhappy about Tree of Life being a cooldown.

We know now that Aquatic and Travel form will get a glyph which gives a new model of an Orca and a Stag. This is most likely just to keep us happy untill they got time to redesign the old forms.

Opinions are split when it comes to Moonkin Form. Some people want to be able to play balance in caster form cause they don’t like the Moonkin Form or they want their gear to show now with the new transmogrification. Blizzard gave in and gave them Glyph of  Stars which gives your caster form an astral glow. I wish they didn’t make that glyph, I wish they did so you had to be in Moonkin Form to cast certain balance spells like Starfall and Starsurge in addition to the buffs it gives you, then you couldn’t use some glyph to remove the Moonkin Form. And now when they’re on the roll, why not ruin druids more and give us a glyph which makes bears and cats able to claw, rip and swipe in caster form.

I won’t use the glyph to remove my beloved Moonkin Form, and people like me won’t let Blizzard trick us with some glyph, cause we want them to redesign Moonkin Form like they did with bear and cat form.

I’ve always wanted to be able to choose a different color for my moonkin and I’ve seen the different moonkins, owlkins and owlbeasts in Azeroth. I think each druid race should have a unique look, like different horns, size or some kind of markings so you know by looking at their Moonkin Form that this is a tauren/night elf/troll/worgen. Taurens got cow horns, night elves those markings in their face, trolls got tusks, worgens got wolf ears.

I think people who don’t like Moonkin Form cause it’s a moonkin, not cause it’s old and not updated, should read a bit about what moonkin are, then they’ll understand why you take the form of a moonkin.


Moonkin are related to the wildkin, though it is not clear what differences there are between them, or if “moonkin” is just another name for wildkin.

So what are wildkin?

The priests of Elune see the wildkin as imbued with the spirit and strength of the Moon Goddess, and the druids see them as guardians and protectors of nature.

Some night elf scholars claim that wildkin are the creation and favored pets of Elune. They claim that Elune created the first wildkin in the early days of the world to serve as guardians to Cenarius. Desiring a creature of might to claim as her own and disenchanted with the violence of wolves, Elune combined the best traits of her beloved night birds, the owls, with the brute force of benevolent bears. The result: a swift, elegant, and fiercely loyal hunter. Regardless of their origins, wildkin have been the beloved allies of night elf druids of the wild and ancients alike since the time of the War of the Ancients.

It makes sense now, doesn’t it? It’s in the lore, we’re druids, we’ve been worshipping Elune for over 14,000 years and we should be honored to be able to take shape of something she created herself. It’s a shame and dishonor how some people talk about the moonkin form.

Players thoughts from “Allow me to play as Balance without looking ridiculous” EU forums

  • I was not born into a beautiful night elf to spend my waking hours in the form of a moonkinowlbeast
  • Allow us to master Balance without being condemned to the chicken-owlbeast
  • personally for me, and for many others, it is enough to make us keep away from balance entirely
  • I can’t bear to look like a fat bear-owl-deer when the night elf model get updated animations and graphics.
  • The moonkin form is the only reason ive never played balance, it just looks aweful
  • my alt was specced Balance but I just couldn’t deal with the fat owl. It’s perplexed me since it was introduced in 1.8 – it’s ugly and never seemed to fit with Druid lore
  • I 100% agree with this, not only does it look silly, but it also stops people from playing as balance.
  • i love that fat cuddly owl form! its unique!! you guys all want to be monotone… you druids are boooring!
  • Just want to add, that the ugly form is one of the main reasons i refuse to play my druid further.
  • Would be nice if you could see bits of your armour on the form but removing it completely would just be annoying, removing tree of life as a form made me quit playing my resto druid
  • Then Moonkin form should be made a lot more appealing to the eye and integrated as a proper form rather than a stupid pointless and ugly re-skin which puts a lot of people off, including myself.
  • Resto was fixed in cata, now its balances turn.
  • dont understand why you play a druid if you don’t like shapeshifting?
  • I have 2 druids now. Both boomkins. I only play it because of the look of it.
  • Turning Moonkin form into a CD will just put me off Balance like making Tree Form a cd put me off resto
  • Or how about simply updating the Boomkin form and make it visually more appealing tbh?
  • i like my boomchicken form on my druid… have been balance on it for like 4/5 years …’s not any less silly than a bear someone managing to keep all aggro….. a turtle would make more sense for tanking…. a snapjaw turtle
  • The whole reason why i play a druid is because of the shapeshift, and the one of the resons why i love balance is because of the form <3 i don’t wanna be a mage/lock in leather i wanna be a space chicken! Plz dont main stream balance, i wanna be special. I wanna be the tall, fat chicken with horns.
  • Agree, the moonkin form is really ugly, and it’s kept me from playing balance – tho I really like the spec.
  • the moonkin form is why i play as a druid . no moonkin form = delete druid char .
  • Blizzard don’t be F****** stupid listening to whiners, they can go to another class. CLASSES ARE SUPPOSED TO BE UNIQUE. AND MOONKIN IS UNIQUE ABOUT BALANCE DRUIDS.
  • I have a hard time understanding people who play a druid but don’t want to shapeshift..
  • Removing shapeshifting, tree of life as cooldown and these glyphs, is like not being a druid anymore.
  • I also cannot describe how much I hate moonkin form.
  • I hope the difference between druids in the future won’t be that the druid that is close and beating you melee with a staff is a feral and the one that we see casting is a boomkin…

As you can see, people’s opinions are split, we all got different opinions and that’s ok. But I think that if you dislike the moonkin form that much, don’t play balance, don’t play a druid. Looks aren’t everything and if how it looks keeps you from playing it, then it’s your own fault and you don’t want to play it enough.

Each spec has their form which gives them extra buffs and we shouldn’t be able to choose if we want to use it or not. We druids are shapeshifters, we wouldn’t be real druids without shapeshifting.

I’m starting to think all these minor glyphs are made to stop people from whining, so Blizzard don’t have to listen, read and respond to more posts on forums. Glyphs seems to be the solution to everything. But I fear they will go too far with these glyphs and ruin what I love about this game and druids, that you’ll be able to choose too much, like looks and forms just by using a glyph. Looks should be customized in the barber shop, but only things like hair/horn/fur color/style/shape.

People are also talking about a new form for balance druids, some say they want the form Malfurion has. How can you compare yourself with Malfurion the first mortal druid of all time and the greatest arch druid?

I don’t want them to make moonkin form a cooldown like they did with tree of life either. I used to enjoy playing resto in WotLK, before the tree of life change, I miss permantent treant form and wish resto druids still had to be in the form to heal. I might consider rerolling if that happens to moonkin form, because I created a druid so I could play a moonkin and I’m loving it. I don’t wanna be like everyone else, just another caster, I wanna be a shapeshifter, take different forms, that’s what we’re meant to do, that’s what druids are all about.

I had a poll here on my blog last year about what you wanted them to do about Moonkin Form, read the results here. As you can see even people in my circle, WoW bloggers and Twitter followers have different opinions.

So a few days ago we got this answer from Blizzard:

Moonkin Form Model Update

I think they deserve a revamp, though, same as cats and bears got.

Well, we agree. And this is why an improved moonkin model is indeed in the schedule. But alas I have no due date to announce. In the meantime, we hope the various new cool shape-shift glyphs will provide a little distraction while the moonkin model gets the loving it needs. We hope the Glyph of Stars will help you here.

But haven’t they said that for years, that it’s in the schedule and still nothing has happened and no date so it won’t be with MoP. And still they make new warlock pet models, new mounts, new races etc. I think a Moonkin Form redesign should get higher priority as it’s a form we have to see every day and you can see how unhappy some people are, maybe most of them would calm down and be satisfied with a redesign like bear and cat form.

I hope they’ll do as they’ve told us again now: Redesign Moonkin Form as with bear and cat and that we’re able to choose different colors by changing our hair color in a barber shop. Do so Starfall and Starsurge only can be used while in Moonkin Form and remove those glyphs.

All this is of course my opinion about this topic and just something I wanted to let out after reading different discussions on several forums. I don’t expect anyone to agree with me and I respect that we have different opinions and hope that you respect mine :)