No oomkins in Cataclysm, or?

I know it’s still beta and nothing is final yet. Blizzard said something about us have to worry about our mana and how we spend it. Mana wasn’t a problem in Wrath of the Lich King so we never needed the mana regen talents like Intensity, Moonglow and Dreamstate. We regen so much from our crits cause we get back more than we use, and from our spirit but that will change in Cataclysm since spirit will only be for healers and on healing gear which we won’ t take.

We still get mana regen when critting on the beta but Improved Moonkin Form is removed from talents. Lunar Justice got removed from the talents but it’s still in the game and procs whenever you kill something and restores 2%(?) of your total mana, think I got around 200 mana back. Euphoria restores 12% of your total mana when you gain Solar or Lunar eclipse. Lunar Shower reduces the mana cost of Moonfire by 30%.

I don’t think the mana regen will be like it is on the beta now, or on live servers, cause if they want us to worry about our mana they have to nerf our Improved Moonkin Form cause that’s where we get most of our mana from. I remember it wasn’t as overpowered as it is now in Naxxramas, I think it was first around Ulduar times they buffed it. Or maybe it was only the gear. Nowdays in Icecrown I only go out of mana if I Hurricane over and over again on trash, never on bosses, not even if I combat ress or give my Innervate to another player, I will still end the fight with almost full mana pool.

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