World of Warcraft Secrets: Lake Dumont

Lake Dumont is a large lake with an island in northern Feralas. I first discovered it on alpha/beta but then it looked different. The tower was ruined but it wasn’t burning. And there was something floating above it. Fiery, dark orb like. Twilight’s Hammer work I’m sure.
Now the tower is still ruined and burning. Blocks from the tower are spread around the island  and the bottom of the lake so it seems to me there was some kind of explosion in there. But like half of the tower is laying on the bottom of the lake, still pretty intact. Something green like smoke or light is rising from the tower.
There are NPCs there which are Alliance races but friendly to Horde. Their names are Brian Horn, Lucas Merino, Jonny Throop, Judah Mehler, Matias Volkert, Jake Patton, Larissa Bussell, Mary Ann Skweres, Casey Fulton, Ryan Sly, Som Vanderpool, Brandan Vanderpool. There are also some cats named Rocky, Rose and Sandy. They’re all names of people associated with Blizzard’s games, and at BlizzCon 2010 it was mentioned that they’re all members of a single team within Blizzard. Judah Mehler was a tester for StarCraft and StarCraft: Brood War  and Larissa Bussell was a production assistant for Wrath of the Lich King.
It looks like they’re stranded cause some of them are looking at the lake with some telescopes, another is sleeping, another just sitting there, and one walking around in circles. So seems they’re waiting for something, or someone to rescue them. Don’t think they can get away by themselves as the boat they got there is ruined and another boat is out on the lake.
There is also a grave with the name Ivan on with a sword and some flowers beside it. And the boat on the lake has some skulls in it, a strange-looking skeleton, a sword and a sack of grain or something like that. There is  a stack of human looking skulls beside the tower and another skeleton looking as strange as the one in the boat. The Vanderpool NPCs are standing at an alchemy table.

If you want to read more about secrets and hidden places in WoW, be sure to check out my other adventures and secrets I’ve explored. And if you know about any other secrets in WoW I’d love to hear about them!


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