World of Warcraft Secrets by Stormscale Explorers – All around Azeroth

When I played on Stormscale EU some guildies and I used to travel all around Azeroth and Outland to explore new areas and hidden places. We read about them on the web, found some on Youtube, and some we discovered all by ourselves.
We were always the same group: Arah Warlock, Tanisha Paladin/Quicksilverr Mage, Araknida Shaman, Syrcorax Warrior. We didn’t use any illegal programs, only “clever use of game mechanics” ;) Useful items: Noggenfogger Elixir, Slowfall, Runspeed Potion, Swimspeed Potion, Waterwalking, Healthstone, Soulstone, Ankh, Divine Shield, Ritual of Summoning.

We didn’t know much about Frapsing back then, but we took many screenshots and made some easy slideshows/videos of them in WMM. I still enjoy watching them cause I miss my old guildies and all the fun we had, plus it’s so exciting to explore new hidden places. So I wanna share this with you. Hope you enjoy them :)

And here another one from Desolace and Dire Maul, this time alone and with Fraps.

If you want to read more about secrets and hidden places in WoW, be sure to check out my other adventures. And if you know about any other secrets in WoW I’d love to hear about them!

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