The Whale Shark attack

If you’ve been to Vashj’ir yet, maybe you’ve seen the most terrifying thing ever… The Whale Shark. Facts: 7.7 million HP, hits a moonkin for over 350.000.

We were questing in the area and saw this giant whale… shark…? out there, he was gigantic.

We decided to take a screenshot of us with him in the background.

We were far away and safe, we thought.. We didn’t know of his huge hitbox.. And suddenly… He saw us and turned!

So we had to flee. He was very slow, but still scary.

We kited him around the whole Kelp Forrest area, but he wouldn’t stop and evade. So we climbed up in a boat but weren’t sure if that was safe either, so we just Alt+F4, and when we logged back in, he was gone. Phew…


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