Screenshots from Draenor

Draenor is a beautiful place with many different zones which all have something unique you want to capture a picture of either it be the fall colored trees in Talador, windswept and snow-covered fields in Frostfire Ridge, the galactic sky in Shadowmoon Valley or the moons which are visible in every zone. I have taken around 1000 screenshots in Draenor and here are some of my favorites.

Which zone or area in Draenor is your favorite?

How to take good screenshots


Someone asked me how to take good screenshots in World of Warcraft, so I thought I’d write a small post about it and share my tips.

I’ve been taking screenshots since I leveled my first character back in the Burning Crusade. I didn’t know anything about how to hide my UI, zoom or turn up my graphics and resolution when I first started. But I’ve learned a lot since then, mostly by reading other guides and tips and by taking loads of screenshots. When I play I’m always looking for good shots. Sometimes I run or fly around doing something completely different when I suddenly see something I just have to take a screenshot of.


How do I take a screenshot?

Press the Print Screen button on your keyboard, it’s usually located at the top right. You should see a “Screen Captured” message.

How do I hide my UI?

Press Alt+Z to hide it and press Alt+Z again or Esc to get it back

How do I make names of characters/NPCs/pets disappear?

Open the Game Menu, choose Interface and then Names. You can uncheck the names you want to hide.

Where can I find my screenshots?

You screenshots are automatically saved in the screenshots folder in your main WoW directory.


WoW actually has an internal setting for screenshot quality which by default is set to 3/10.  You can turn it up by typing the following command into your chatbox

/console screenshotQuality 10

You should also turn your screen resolution and graphic settings up as high as your computer can handle before taking a screenshot.  This can be done in Game Menu – Interface – System.

Tips and tricks

  • Zoom all the way in so you’re looking through your character’s eyes and take pictures from first person view
  • Stand behind the object you want to take a picture of without seeing your own character and zoom in as far as you want
  • Fly around on a mount without effects
  • /sit /lay down to get a good view of something low to the ground
  • Talking to a friendly NPC will usually make them face you
  • Do emotes
  • Remove names, guilds, titles
  • Pay attention to the light
  • Having a character in target our mouse-over will make them look brighter
  • Find a neutral background for character shots
  • Edit the screenshot afterwards. Brightness, contrast, crop etc
  • Take as many screenshots as you can, spam your Print Screen button
  • Hold down the right mouse button to move the camera around
  • Hold down the right mouse button and use your arrow keys or the a and d key to turn your character around without moving the camera
  • The rule of thirds: photos are supposed to be more interesting with the key element of your picture off-center.
  • Take time to experiment


I usually edit my screenshots before posting them. I turn up the contrast and brightness a little bit so they don’t appear so dark. It’s not a big difference but it makes them look better.


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