Troll or tauren

New race/class combinations are finally avaliable and many people are changing from tauren druid to troll druid. I’ve already told you about my love for taurens but people have asked me if I was going troll druid and I have been considering it because of the racial and the colorful forms.

Have to say I’m really disappointed in the moonkin form. I thought they were going to make a totally new moonkin skin for trolls and worgens, and maybe update the tauren and night elf form. I remember back in the days they said they were placeholders, ye right, for all these years? And they took the time to update all the other forms and hunter pets or whatever it was I read about in a new blue post thingy on MMO-Champion.

I’ve always been a tauren, or wait.. My druid has been a night elf cause I played alliance for a year, but didn’t really like it, the racial was ok and I like the night elf moonkin form. But was happy when I came back to Horde this summer.

But I have other tauren characters and the troll racial is really good for moonkin, so I decided to race change and test it, see how it feels to be a troll. Feels a bit sad right now, like I’m betraying the tauren, will miss my cute tauren and /moo. But think I’ll race change my paladin from blood elf to tauren, never liked blood elves. So one goes from tauren, another one becomes a tauren.

<3 Tauren <3

2 thoughts on “Troll or tauren

  1. I’d say screw the racial, but I don’t run with people that min/max so hard that you have to be the “right” race for your raid spec. You enjoy being a tauren, so stay a tauren.

    I’m keeping my Paladin a Belf. She was a Belf when I made her years ago, a Belf when I was tanking in Hyjal, she’s going to stay a Belf through Cata and beyond, even though Tauren is a better race for tanks. It’d just be wrong to me, but I tend to give characters a personality in my mind.

    1. We don’t have to, but it’s a good racial and the forms are nice too, so just going to try it for a while :)

      My paladin is only a few months old and planned to race change to tauren when it was available so, I’m so happy with my new tauren :D

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