Honoring a Hero: Cairne Bloodhoof

Cairne Bloodhoof was a peerless warrior and a wise leader. He had great strength and valor and was considered one of the most  dangerous creatures, but he really was a great-hearted giant. Despite his strength and valor he was a gentle soul who longed for the peace and tranquility of the open plains. He had an incredibly strong connection with the environment and deeply respected both the elemental forces and the natural beasts of the wild.

He was dedicated to serving his people and to watching over their safety, and he never gave up hope finding a new land where the tauren could live in peace.

Cairne prefered to contemplate problems before acting to try to solve them and he used to meditate for several days in a row without interruption. He prefered to observe his enemies before fighting them so that he could more fully understand their strengths and weaknesses

But when he decided to act he could rarely be deterred from his path. He fought with incredible passion but was never out of control.

He had a very trusting attitude towards orcs and greatly respects their newly shamanistic culture. Night elves are likewise regarded positively because of their strong connection with the woodland environment. But he avoided humans, dwarves and goblins, and if they had to be dealt with, he tended to treat them in a patronizing manner because he believed that the spiritual eyes of these races have not fully opened yet and that members of these races are in essence children who are still learning. He had a great disdain for the arcane practices of high elves and deeply resented their abandonment of the natural ways.

Cairne was betrayed by one he thought was a friend, a fellow tauren he thought he could trust. When Cairne challenges Garrosh to a duel in Orgrimmar after hearing the rumors that the new Warchief had slaughtered innocent druid, Magatha Grimtotem who is leader of the Grimtotem Clan secretly poisons Garrosh’s axe, and Cairne falls after only a shallow wound in the duel. As he dies from the poison he realizes the betrayal and his last thought was: And so, I, who have lived my whole life with honor, die betrayed.

The Grimtotems take advantage of Cairne’s death and quickly seize control of Thunder Bluff. But Cairne’s son, Baine, retakes it and Magatha gets banished from Thunder Bluff. Cairne’s body was taken to Thunder Bluff and placed upon a pyre along with his shattered Runespear.

Thrall returns to mourn him and weeps for the loss of a future lifetime of his friendship, his kindness, wisdom and humor. Thrall speaks to the wind, hoping that Cairne’s spirit hears him,  to tell him that Cairne was always the heart of the Horde, he and the Tauren, their true spiritual center, of forgiveness, compassion, and guidance. Thrall places his hand reverently on Cairne’s now peaceful brow, to say a final goodbye to his old friend, and takes with him the smallest piece of Cairne’s Runespear to forever remember him and be in touch with his heart, engraved on this was a small rune, this single rune’s meaning did not escape Thrall, healing. Baine then succeeds his father as leader of the Tauren people.

I’ve always loved the tauren race. My first character was a tauren warrior which I chosed cause they reminded me of the minotaurs I’ve seen in movies and read about in books. Strong and giant creatures, but these taurens are also very sweet and kind, how can you not love them.

I’ll miss Cairne but none lives forever and I’m sure Baine will be a good leader for the tauren.

Ish-ne-alo por-ah, may the Earthmother smile upon you.



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