Deepholm – Restoring the World Pillar

I woke up today and the beta realms were finally online again. I downloaded the patch yesterday (build 12857) but realms were offline all day and evening and I couldn’t sit up all night.

I’m only level 82 so can’t quest in Uldum and Twilight Highlands yet, so I went to Deepholm.

Deepholm is a level 82-83 zone in the Elemental Plane, entered by a rift in the Maelstrom.

When you enter Deepholm you’ll be told the story about how the Twilight’s Hammer brought Deathwing back to full health in the Temple of Earth after the Day of the Dragon, and about The World Pillar which is a Titan-made stone which was inside the Temple of Earth, it was keeping Deepholm from collapsing into Azeroth, but when Deathwing broke through into Azeroth the World Pillar was shattered. In the Deepholm quests you have to help the Earthen Ring restore it.

The creatures in Deepholm are earth elementals, revenants, twilight drakes and stone troggs, you will also meet Therazane the Stonemother who is the ruler and Millhouse Manastorm who is now the Forgemaster and a member of Twilight’s Hammer cult.

I did 81/125 quests there. Only one was bugged I couldn’t complete it. I still have some quests left there but I went to Twilight Highlands when I dinged 83, but might go back to Deepholm to find out more about the story there and how it ends with the World Pillar.


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