5 Fandom Friday: Presents I Want Santa To Bring Me


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There are so many things I wish I had that I would like to get for Christmas, four of my five picks are things I really need. Like the wool underwear because it’s so cold here during winter and it looks great. The ski jacket, pants and hiking boots not because I go skiing or hiking very often, though I want to, but because I can use them to stay warm while walking to work or at work when we’re outside and it’s cold. And the shoes because I need some good shoes for walks and exercise. I don’t really need the Wii U, but I would love to have one because there are so many games I want to play. Some of these things are a bit expensive so I think I’ll have to buy them for myself.


Ski jacket and pantsKari Traa wool underwearAsics shoesHiking bootsWii U

5 Fandom Friday: My Favorite Holiday Songs To Spread Cheer


5 Fandom Friday is a community building project created The Nerdy Girlie and SuperSpaceChick. Read more about it and how to join here.

The Christmas holidays are here and these are some of the songs which get me in a holiday mood.

When You Wish Upon a Star: No Christmas without this song, it’s my absolute favorite Christmas song

Sonjas Sang til Julestjernen: This song is from a Norwegian TV movie which has been sent on the morning on the 24th of December for as long as I can remember

Julekveldsvisa: An old Norwegian Christmas song

Christmas at Hogwarts: We always went to watch the new Harry Potter movies around Christmas so they’ll always be Christmas movies to me and this song is from the first movie

En Stjerne Skinner i Natt: Another one of my favorite Norwegian Christmas songs

What are your favorite Christmas songs?

A busy month of WoD and IRL


November was a busy month with BlizzCon, the launch of Warlords of Draenor, my 25th birthday and a visit from Sweden. At first we spend a lot of time fixing the apartment we have lived in for four months now. There were still some things to do and stuff to buy, but it’s about finished now after a few trips to IKEA and some other stores. We had to prepare for both the expansion launch and my birthday including two birthday parties so the fridge and storage were filled with all kinds of goodies.

Our plan was to play as much as we could that week and weekend in between work and birthday parties, but it didn’t work out that well because of the latency and queue problems on our realm. So it took much longer than we thought to level up and the first levels took the longest. We decided to just wait for it all to get better and spent more time doing other things like do the first quests on our alts to get them to the garrison, complete missions, level professions and sell stuff at the auction house. My druid is a scribe and got all the new glyphs pretty quick so I sold all of them and earned a good amount of gold the first week.

We had a visitor from Sweden the weekend after so we spent the whole weekend showing her the city, visiting family and eating amazing food. Went to Pepperkakebyen which is the largest gingerbread town in the world, enjoyed the view of the city from Fløyen and ate Norwegian Christmas dinner.

It didn’t take long to hit level 100 when we finally had time to play. Now we’re trying to gear up for raids by doing heroic dungeons and we might try out some challenge modes soon. I’m also planning to level up my shaman very soon, she’s already level 92 but she’s stuck in her garrison doing missions and profession stuff. I think and hope we will have more time to play in the future, but there is a lot to do this month as well with Christmas coming up soon. We’re not going anywhere but we have some presents to buy, then there is work, family visits and meetings with friends.

How has your first month of Warlords of Draenor been?

5 Fandom Friday: Characters I Would Invite To My Thanksgiving Feast


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We don’t celebrate Thanksgiving in Norway but I wish we did because who doesn’t love a whole day with amazing food, friends and family!

I would invite these characters to my feast:

  • Sherlock Holmes from Elementary because I would like to see what he tell me about myself without knowing me
  • Bilbo Baggins from the Hobbit because I know he loves a good feast, he could tell me some great stories and I still feel sorry for him when the dwarves ate all his food
  • Carl and Michonne from Walking Dead so we could have chocolate pudding and crazy cheese for dessert
  • Arya Stark from Game of Thrones / A Song of Ice and Fire because I think we would get along pretty good and she could teach me how to use a sword

Happy 10th anniversary, World of Warcraft!

Can you believe that World of Warcraft turned 10 years on November 23rd? It’s impressive that so many people around the world still play this game after so many years. I started to play in 2007 so it has only been 7 years for me, but it’s still a long time and it doesn’t feel like it has been this long. It has been some amazing years, I’ve enjoyed the game and all the expansions so much. I want to thank everyone at Blizzard Entertainment for making such an awesome game and I hope they’ll keep it up a few more years!

Remember to check out the WoW’s 10th Anniversary events in-game.