A busy week

Patch 6.0.2 has been live for over a week now and there has been so much to do!


I logged out at the Dark Portal the night before the patch after a few hours of world PvP in the area.


When I logged on the next day, everything was different!


The new portal was there along with the Iron Horde!

I spent a lot of time going through my bank and sorting items in the void storage on all of my characters.


Finally got this awesome mount, Warlord’s Deathwheel!


Had to learn how to play moonkin again because of the changes in the patch. Basically Starfall pulls the whole world and you don’t really need any other spells while questing or doing dungeons.


Completed the new Iron Horde Invasion quest chain in the Blasted Lands.


Ran through some old dungeons and raids for old achievements I wanted to complete.

Did Garrosh heroic and got two heirloom staffs on my druid and shaman. Hope to find a group on some of my other characters as well and get some of the other heirloom weapons.


I haven’t race changed my druid yet. Mostly because I don’t hate the new troll model, I just think I prefer the new tauren male over it, so I might race change before WoD. But if or when I race change I need to get a new background for my blog and new signatures and avatars on the forums and Twitter.


I’ve spent some time leveling my Alliance shaman, level 87 at the moment, but planning to level more these weeks and hit 90 in good time before the expansion.


Hallow’s End is here! I’m trying to collect enough treats for the pets and the toy, and I would like to get some of the gear pieces for my alts.


What have you done in WoW this week?


2 thoughts on “A busy week

  1. Got Royal Satchel recipe to craft bags for my Hordies – required Exalted with Celestials; working on a fully upgraded farm for all of my 10 chars – requires Best Friends with all Tillers, and dressing up to at least 528 for all slots for all chars (mere chance, but with some luck, it may happen).

  2. Much the same as you (I finially have some bag space!) but also trying to learn the new Boomkin rotation … not sure I have really succeeded yet. Plus work out what raid bosses I can now solo which drop mounts I need (atleast Uld25 and ICC25H).

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