Moonkin form changes


We’ve had a lot of discussions about Moonkin form, as you might guess. We know opinions range among the player base from “cut it” to “make me stay in my adorable form all the time.” At first we were trying to make it more of an option, so that cuddly-hating Balance druids could choose the spec without the shapeshift. After much discussion though, we’re going to go back to a Balance druid = Moonkin Form design. We’ll put some more damage into the Moonkin Form.

This is the answer to a post about however moonkin form is pointless or not, you can read it here if you haven’t.

I agree that moonkin form won’t give much if they keep these changes, and I don’t want it to be like that. I wish they would give moonkin form something unique that other classes don’t give, not only 5% crit/haste or damage increase. But I don’t know, it has to be something that makes us want moonkin form and so we have to stay in it when we dps.
Because I like the moonkin form and I want them to keep it, but it needs some graphic updates like the cat/bear got because I’m jealous of their good looking forms and since the day they got them I’ve had ideas of how the updated moonkin form could be. I hope they’ll make it possible for us to change the colors, hair color=form color, like the cat/bear.

There are different colored moonkins around Azeroth like the orange and black wildkins in the Hinterlands, white and gray/brown owlbeasts in Winterspring. So maybe they’ll use some of those colors.
But why do druids have moonkin form as a spell caster form?
Moonkins in Azeroth doesn’t cast spells, they are melee. Did they forget how to do it as many of them became corrupted, mutated and wild?
I know that night elves claim that Elune created the first wildkin to serve as guardians to Cenarius.
”She combined the best traits of the owl, the most beloved of her night birds, and the bear, the lumbering protector of the woods”.
But other scholars claim that wildkin were the misguided creation of a sorcerer.

One thought on “Moonkin form changes

  1. I always wondered why we got Moonkin as Balance too. In a way, it would make more sense for Resto to keep Treeform and for Balance to be the “caster” form. Being able to change colour, whether through a glyph, dye or hair/fur colour would be amazing though. My Moonkin is a Nightelf and I’m not particularly fond of her dingy, slightly dirty looking feathers.

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