Moonkin buff? No. Fix!

After Wednesday when patch 4.0.1 went live a lot of people have talked about the buff moonkin got and that they soon will get. I hope not.

The truth is: Moonkin didn’t get buffed, moonkin got fixed! What they fixed in this patch should have been fixed a long time ago, I didn’t see it then, but I do now. They finally made Insect Swarm and Moonfire benefit from haste and Eclipse, and by increasing the cast time on Wrath we can now stack a lot more haste without worrying about any haste cap.

Moonkin don’t need a nerf just because their spells finally scale properly and benefits from other mechanics, that’s how it should be. Finally do moonkin have a chance to compete about being the top dps class.

But they did “nerf” some spells, blue here, but I haven’t really noticed, so can’t be much.

I just hope moonkin can stay like this now.


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