Happy Hallow’s End!

Hallow’s End is here, my favorite event!

I started my first character during Hallow’s End 2007. My dear tauren warrior Syrcorax. I didn’t really know what Hallow’s End was back then and it was before all the achievements etc. But I had a lot of fun leveling him with a pumpkin on my head and trick or treating the innkeepers.

I also remember I met a guy with the pumpkin pet which was very rare back then and the headless horseman’s helm. I don’t remember any mount or the sword.

But the year after, I got the pet, sword and helm on my warrior. I never saw the mount drop. But I had seen other players with it, maybe three. And last year I didn’t see the mount drop either, and that was the year I farmed it on one char and people helped me summon it, not once.

This year we get the mount in the bag and can only get it once a day, like with Brewfest, and I’ve seen many people with the mount so maybe the drop rate increased. Hope I finally can get it on some char, been waiting for it so long.. There are enough of lucky bastards out there who get it on all their chars and on first day, twice in a row, even my bf got two yesterday on his alts. When is it my turn? Not sure if I want it as much as before, it’s not rare anymore, that was the fun thing about it, now it’s just a mount..

Here in Denmark we don’t celebrate Halloween, I think.. I know some people do in Norway, where I’m from, they have parties and decorate their houses, and the kids go trick or treat. I’m used to go “julebukk” similar to trick or treat on new years eve, when I was a kid. We wear costumes and go from door to door, ring their doorbells and sing a song, then we get candy. No tricks.

I wish I was going to a Halloween party cause I love to dress up in costumes, not to old for it yet, might never be. But as there is no party here I’ll just stay home and dress up my characters for Kirina at Kirina’s Closet‘s Hallow’s End costume contest.

EDIT: Yey, got the mount! On my main! :D Finally!


5 thoughts on “Happy Hallow’s End!

  1. I love the Halloween event too. Would love to get the mount, preferably on my main.. I think I’ll be happy – but still a bit disappointed- if it drops on an alt instead of my main *lol*

    As for Halloween itself we don’t really celebrate it in Sweden though it’s becoming more popular. I usually have a small party for me and my friends anyway just because it’s fun though :) Who cares if no one else is celebrating? hehe

    1. Ye, I want it on my main. Haven’t done HH today cause all instance servers were down for hours :S
      I just wanna have a halloween party as an excuse to wear a crazy costume :P

  2. No mounts in my pumpkins yet either…
    We never used to do much for Hallowe’en in Australia, but as American things become more and more popular it’s kicked off a bit here. I am really not a huge fan of the trick or treat part, but I do love dress up parties!

  3. We have it in england, it’s probably not so nice in the cities where kids use the event to rob old ladies that open their doors, but in rural areas kid’s come around and we have buckets of sweets and treats and the kids are usually in 5-10’s, so you go through a lot of sweets.

    But we also celebrate the 5th november, Guy Fawkes night http://www.bonfirenight.net/gunpowder.php this is real fun, most places build a huge bonfire, and have fireworks go off all around the fire. I think from the sounds of it you would enjoy this day.

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