Thank you, WoW Insider! Welcome, Blizzard Watch!


Last week WoW Insider announced that they’re shutting down. I can’t remember when I first discovered their page but I’ve visited it almost daily for years. WoW Insider was one of my favorite pages to visit for news and information about WoW. I could always find something interesting to read like Know Your Lore, Breakfast Topics and The Queue.

One day back in July 2011 they even linked to my post about the Whispering Forest in their post about the same topic. I’ve never had as many visitors as that day, not before and not after. I got many new readers and followers thanks to them. That post is still my post read post and I keep getting hits from them till this day.

But from the ashes of WoW Insider rises Blizzard Watch, a new page run by the same staff and with the same writers as WoW Insider! You can read more about their new page here.

I want to thank WoW Insider for all the great posts and amazing stories you have shared with us over the years and thank you for linking to my post that day, it has meant a lot for my blog and me as a blogger. I wish Blizzard Watch all the best with their new page.

Celebration of the races of Azeroth

This week’s Community Blog Topic at WoW Insider asks us to design a new WoW holiday.

World of Warcraft has had the same holidays for a while now with very few changes. It’s time for something new to fill in the months that have no events. What would your new World of Warcraft event be?

I’ve always loved the WoW holidays. I still remember the first Hallow’s End which took place when I was leveling my first character. It was so fun to explore a whole new game when I could wear a pumpkin on my head and use a broomstick as mount. But the WoW holidays have been the same for many years now and I’ve already completed all the achievements and got almost everything there is to get, so I think it’s time for some changes or maybe a whole new holiday.

Lore has always been something I’ve wanted to learn more about and I’m so happy Blizzard has included more of the important lore in the quests and dungeons through the lasts expansions. The only thing I miss now is a holiday which celebrates and teaches you more about the lore in WoW.

Most of us players have leveled many different races through the years but how many of us do really know the story of the races? I’ve read about them so I know a bit, but I’d love to know more and most importantly to see it and learn it in-game, not by reading through different websites.

So I thought it would be great with a holiday that celebrates the different playable races in WoW. The races are as different nationalities, with their own language, homeland, culture and leaders. They all got a unique story behind who they are and why they are who they are. There are so much more story to the races than what you learn when you create a new character.

Of course this is just an idea I had and it would take a lot more planning and brainstorming to come up with a real and perfect holiday which actually can work in the game. The holiday would require a good title, the achievements would also need some amusing names and a fitting title was reward would be needed.

Celebration of the races of Azeroth


An event to celebrate the playable races in WoW and learn more about them. You will learn about their story, languages, homelands, beliefs , culture and leaders. It can take place in the end of March or start of April, or end of July to mid August. Two to three weeks.

All the races are represented with a stand and NPC in the factions major city, Orgrimmar and Stormwind. The stands will be decorated in the colors and design of the different races. There will be an NPC in every other city which will give you a quest and tell you to go to your faction’s major city and talk to the NPCs in the stands there.

The NPCs will tell you about the holiday and give you a quest. You can do the quests for each race, no matter what race you are. But you can of course not to Alliance races’ quests if you play Horde or Horde races’ quests if you play Alliance.


Every race has a start quest which tells you to go to the race’s major city and learn about that race and what’s unique about them. This can be through a series of small quests where you walk around in the city and listen to a person telling you their story and quests where you for example gather items, travel to different areas or create different items to learn about how that specific race. Or a phased event where you go back in time and watch and take part in an important event to that race or a cut scene where you see outtakes from different important events. Rewards from the quests will be different gear and weapons inspired by the race’s traditional clothing usable as transmog for your class and spec.

After you’ve completed all the quests or events in the race’s major city, you’ll get a new quests which tells you to go back to your faction’s major city where a trivia is unlocked. There you’ll speak to an NPC which then asks you questions about the race you just completed the quests for, something like this quest in Mount Hyjal. And if you answer all questions correctly you are rewarded with a prize. The prize is a special new pet which is inspired by the race’s mount. So for example from tauren you’ll get a kodo pet, blood elf a hawkstrider pet and so on. Worgen with their Running Wild ability for mount might give a worgen pet.


Achievements will of course also be avaliable

  • Collect all the pieces of gear and weapon, go to the major city of each race and wear their gear and do a /cheer at a player of that race
  • Eat all of the races’ traditional dishes
  • Drink all of the races’ traditional drinks
  • Obtain all of the races’ pets
  • Collect the autographs of all the races’ leaders
  • + more

A title will also be reward for completing the meta achievement.

What do you think of this idea for a holiday? What would you add?

The reason I still log in


WoW Insider wrote a post a few days ago asking

What single thing is most responsible for keeping you logging in regularly? Would you be long gone if not for your WoW buddies? Do guild responsibilities keep you happily busy? Tell us what keeps you coming back for more WoW.

A lot has changed for me since summer last year when the guild I had been in for many years disbanded. For a long time that guild and my friends there had been the reasons I logged in regularly. I was always looking forward to raids, to talking with my friends and guildies, and progressing on a new boss. But when it all started to go down it became less and less fun to log in, because every day I dreaded logging in to see who had left the guild that day and I stopped looking forward to raids because we never had enough people and if we did I knew we were just going to clear normal modes or get stuck on an easy heroic boss for the rest of the evening.

After the disband I no longer dreaded logging in but I didn’t really have any reason to log in either. I tried joining a new guild later on and I played with them for a while but it didn’t feel right, so I asked to be demoted to social. A while after they disbanded.

I’m now guildless, or well, I’m actually in a guild, a random guild I got invited to without even asking, so I don’t know anything about them and I doubt it’ll be my new home. It feels weird not having a guild which makes you want to log on, because my guild and friends there used to be the reason I played. I’m not actually searching for a new guild, but I’d love to find one which gives me reasons to log in. A place I can call home, where I got friends, where people talk to each other and help, where there is an interest for battlegrounds, maybe even rated, raids both flex and normal because I don’t think I’m going back to heroic raiding. But a new guild would most likely make me enjoy the game much more and make me log in more regularly.

Now I don’t really have a main thing which makes me log in, no big project or anything, just a bunch of small things I like to do when I’m bored. Like sometimes I just log in to put up some enchants on the auction house or empty my mailboxes. If I had to pick one reason which makes me log in, it would have to be my boyfriend. We’ve been playing together for many years and even before we got to know each other we were in the same guild. Now we live together and we often spend our evenings playing WoW together. As we don’t raid anymore we usually just do battlegrounds or level some alts. Last week we decided to start some new characters on Shadowsong and join the guild Druids of the Beast which is a 100% druid guild, it’s a fun side project but I don’t think we’ll play them every day. Sometimes he plays without me when I do blog stuff or play other games, but when I play it’s almost always with him.

Who or what makes you log in?


My WoW New Year Resolutions

WoW Insider wrote

We’re coming up on the new year, so it’s time for new year’s resolutions. For this week’s Community Blog Topic we ask, “What are your World of Warcraft resolutions?”

Level my paladin


I’ve never had a max level paladin before but I started leveling one last fall but didn’t have time to level all the way up to 90, so I want to finish leveling my paladin, hopefully before the release of Warlords of Draenor.

Play more PvP


PvE has always been my main priority on all of my characters, but now as don’t raid anymore I’d like to spend more time doing PvP. Mostly battlegrounds and maybe some arena with friends, but it would be fun to get into rated battlegrounds again, I’m just not sure which character I’d like to play.

Level an Alliance character to max level


I’m Horde on my main and my active alts, and I have leveled Alliance before, but never past 85. So I would like to level an Alliance up to max level and see what it’s like to level as Alliance in Pandaria, and Draenor when Warlords of Draenor is released.

Beat the Celestial Tournament


I have leveled up plenty of pets but I’ve never completed the Celestial Tournament. I have tried but I it was hard and I didn’t get very far. Mostly because I wasn’t sure which pets to use so I might have to read up on it before I try again. I hope to complete the tournament and collect all the pets.

Find a new home (guild)


After Ash disbanded I transferred and joined a new guild with high hopes, but it didn’t go so well and they disbanded after a while. I want to find a new guild I can call home. I don’t know if I’m going to start raiding again or what I’m going to do. I might just play casual. But I still want a guild with plenty of active players there some might be raiders and some might be social. I just want a friendly and helpful guild where I can find new people to play with, whether it be raids, alts, PvP etc. Where people do more than just log on for main raids, where they arrange different kind of things like alt raids and maybe rated battlegrounds.

My Garrison Wishlist

What do you want to see in your garrison?

It was a WoW Insider Breakfast Topic a while back and I read about it in a post called My Garrison Wishlist on the Harpy’s Nest the other day which made me think what I would like to have in my garrison.

1. Racial architecture: It would be great if we were able to have racial architecture so if you’re a tauren your garrison will consist of tauren buildings and design.

2. Target dummies: I really want my own target dummy and it would be awesome if we could choose what it looks like, like we made it ourselves.


3. Pet house and mount stables: A place where your mounts and battle pets live so you can see them all playing, sleeping, running around etc.

4. Inn and innkeeper with mailbox, beds for guests, a bar and restaurant/kitchen and a Hearthstone game.

5. Music in form of regular live concerts or a jukebox which allows you to play different soundtracks from WoW and maybe other Blizzard Games.


6. My own personal house with a bed, hot tub, a butler, fireplace, library, toyroom and a room like the barbershop where you can customize your looks.

7. Armory: For weapon and armor storage. I bet I’m not alone about having a full bank and void storage, so it would be great to have my own armory.

8. Garden with flowers, trees, maybe fountains or a pond, and maybe a small farm. You can buy seeds, plant and create your own personal garden.

These eight ideas are just some of the things I would like to see.

What do you want to see in your garrison?