Winter Veil and New Year


Happy new year! I hope you had a great Winter Veil and Christmas and I wish you the best for the new year!

I haven’t had anything to write about lately because I haven’t played very much. The guild decided to take a break till after new year. I’m not sure if I’ll go back to raiding after the holidays because I’m tired of doing the same bosses over and over again. At the moment I’m having trouble finding anything in WoW that I want to do, so I might just have a small break till I find it fun again. I wish Legion was closer. I have played a lot of StarCraft 2 lately which has been very fun and I might try Heroes of the Storm soon.


As usual when a year comes to an end.. The Syrco Owl 2015 in blogging annual report.
Check it out here! Thank you for following me in 2015 and I hope you’ll stick around for 2016.

Happy Winter Veil!


I’m in Norway visiting my family for Christmas. It’s dark and rainy outside and I doubt we’ll get any snow. Christmas isn’t what it used to be, for so many reasons, one being I’ve grown up and two being we’re usually just two or three celebrating together on Christmas Eve. But I’m still looking forward to meeting the rest of the family even though we’re all celebrating in small groups as usual, and I can’t wait for the Christmas dinner and Disney on TV.



Tekst: Alf Prøysen

Når nettene blir lange og kulda setter inn
så sier vesle musemor til ungeflokken sin:
Hvis ingen går i fella, men passer seg for den,
skal alle sammen snart få feire jul igjen!

Heisan og Hopsan og fallerallera!
Om julekvelden da skal alle sammen være gla!
Heisan og Hopsan og fallerallera!
Om julekvelden da skal alle sammen være glad

Happy Winter Veil!

The Winter Veil holiday is here and I’m also preparing for Christmas in real life. For the first time in my life I gonna celebrate it another country than Norway, Denmark, where I live now. Won’t have any Norwegian christmas dinner. But hope the food here is good.

In game I have done all the Winter Veil quests and some achievements. I think it’s fun to save Metzen the reindeer and get HKs in BGs as a gnome. Looking forward to open the gifts under the tree in Orgrimmar!

And ye, Orgrimmar tree, always loved the decoration:

Happy Winter Veil!