Gearing alts – Shadow’s Edge

I decided to transfer my warrior which is my old main and first character over to my current realm. I haven’t really played warrior since Naxxramas in Wrath of the Lich King, only some daily heroics and VoA. I had to read up on spec, glyphs, caps etc to check if I was correct. I just needed some expertise and armor pen.

The reason I transfered him was that I missed to play warrior, after all it was my first character and main in TBC to Naxxramas. He had good gear back then, but not anymore, and he deserves to be geared and played not just sit on some random realm alone. This might sound weird but he will always be special to me cause he was the one I explored the world of Azeroth and Outland on first, he’s been there from the start.

He needed some better gear. His gear score was around 5200 with T9 parts, T10 shoulders and different items from the Icecrown 5-mans, so I couldn’t really get more from triumph emblems and it’s so slow to only do VoA, daily heroic and weekly.

But on my current main I had collected so many frost emblems I don’t need so I crafted the  plate boots from the Ashen Verdict reputation. It was Monday when I transferred him so I didn’t think I would find any Icecrown run to join, and I didn’t have achievement to show on that character either.

Many groups were looking for people and I got to join because I told them I had achievement on my main and this was an alt. In 10 man we did 4 bosses + the weekly Frost Giant. Some people didn’t understand where to go with the spore on Festergut, even tho we told them over and over again, so we stopped there. I didn’t get any loot, but I got emblems.

After that I found a 25 man with a nice raid leader. A lot of items I needed dropped; I got bracers from Gunship heroic, a Protector mark from Saurfang and the blood from Rotface. I rolled 3rd on the blood from Festergut, but the guy who won didn’t have the quest so he couldn’t loot the item, so people said I should get it instead and I did. I also got two Primordial Saronites. I could buy the rest with frost emblems on my druid.

So we did 6 bosses and wiped on Dreamwalker cause we were 22 and not enough dps and I was alone dpsing on the right side. Suppressors didn’t go down, so already then people started to leave mid combat. But it was a good raid and it had to be my lucky day.

My boyfriend moved a character too by the way, his death knight tank, had about the same gear as me when we started, crafted gear and got some items so he went up like 400 gear score.

I went to buy the rest of the saronites and get Arthas’ old hammer from the Frostmourne Cavern and back to turn in the quest. So now my warrior has Shadow’s Edge!