IntPiPoMo 25/50 Pandaria


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I love Pandaria! There are so many beautiful zones and so many great things just waiting to be captured in a screenshot. So I took the trip around Pandaria to find take some shots to share with you.

IntPiPoMo 21/50 Winter


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Winter is almost here. We had this season’s first snowfall just a few days ago. It snowed at first but turned quick to rain and now it’s gone, which is sad, because snow looks so beautiful and if it first has to be so cold I want it to snow as well. But there is always snow in World of Warcraft and here are some screenshots from some of the snowy zones.


Tycertank came up with this fun challenge where you post one screenshot every day through August.

It’s not too late to join in, I’m starting today and I’ll be posting my screenshots here and on Twitter with the hashtag #WoWscreenshotaday.

Read more about the rules and how to join in Tycertank’s posts here and here!

Day 1:  Something beginning with N



Day 2: Incomplete

Jade Serpent statue


Day 3: Skyline



Day 4: Fresh


Day 5: Early