Back to raiding


As you might have read here already I’ve been away from raiding for a month from mid December to mid January. At first I missed it and then it felt really nice not to have to worry about the days, what time it is, gear, pots, flasks etc. But I started missing it again after a while. I got back two weeks ago and started raiding again. Everyone had much better gear than me now as they’ve killed quite a few new heroic bosses while I was gone, but I think I performed very well despite my gear being worse than others and not knowing all the tactics as good as them.


It felt nice to be back and progress on Imperial Vizier Zor’lok and Lei Shi. We killed Imperial January 29. and Lei Shi February 5th. Imperial was hard at first cause it took us a while to figure out which tactics worked best for us and for people to learn how to avoid all the rings. Lei Shi was challenging cause of the adds which spawns and how to control them.

I think we’ve done really good this patch, progress wise. Maybe a bit slow in the start, but we picked it up and now we’re realm 5 but we’ve killed 1 more boss than the 4th guild.

We’re not doing Mogu’shan Vaults anymore cause we’re trying to focus on clearing Heart of Fear heroic, only the final boss left. So we decided to make a group for Mogu’shan 10 man heroic, but as usual we’re missing tanks. Plenty of dps and healers. People still need gear from that raid, including me. I just wish people had more time to help, especially tanks, but I guess we can’t really expect anyone to have time on off days. But hopefully we’ll get a good group together every week so people can get their BiS gear.

Summer is here

You might be wondering what’s going on as it’s so quiet here and on Twitter. Well, right now we’re raiding one night a week, clearing everything in a few hours, and I don’t play much besides that as there isn’t exactly much to do in the game right now. It’s nice with a small break from WoW and more time to play other games like Diablo 3 and do real life stuff.

I guess it’s always like this when summer hits, but especially now with no new content. People are going away on holiday, some are bored with the game, others are playing Diablo 3, some are busy with exams, and most of us are waiting for MoP. At least that’s how it is now in my guild. The question is whether or not we should take a raiding break until MoP so people don’t get disappointed and angry when we don’t have enough people for a raid or if some people don’t want to raid. Cause that has happened a few times and it’s not good when people get upset.

I understand that people want a break now and it’s a good time to take a break cause there is nothing to do. I hope my guild comes to an agreement about what to do soon, so we can all be happy and look forward to MoP.

How’s your guild handling the summer?

Syrco, Slayer of Stupid, Incompetent and Disappointing Minions

Congratulations! Allow me to grant you a title befitting the amazing achievement you just performed! Henceforth, you shall be known as the Slayer of Stupid, Incompetent and Disappointing Minions.

Longest title ever? Yes, it has to be. And where do you get it? By killing Maloriak heroic in Blackwing Descent. But sadly it’s only a temporary title which lasts 30 minutes.

We killed this boss some weeks ago after a few days of tries, I think. Our problem was not enough damage on the adds, and also the interrupting was a problem for a while, but after getting all dpsers in their best AoE spec and arranging the interrupts a little better we got to the last phase and our good tanks knew exactly how to tank him so that was not a problem, but we had a different problem..

The frost orbs or what they are called. Are they really that hard to see!? No, I don’t think so, they are huge and white, how can you possibly miss them? And they hurt, so you don’t ever wanna step on them. But people did, many times, and died. Good thing my Skada damage meter can track “Damage taken by spell” <3 But people learned to open their eyes and still focus when the boss is below 25% cause it’s not dead before it hits the ground.

I dare to say this boss is now on farm status, though we have problems with him sometimes, but it’s the same with Chimaeron, sometimes we one shot, other times we just fail really bad.. Blaming it on the setup and bad attendance.

This last week we had one of our fail days on Maloriak, we spent a few hours on him I think. But I didn’t really mind cause he’s my favorite boss. Why? Well, it’s more than just stand still and nuke down, different phases with different things to do, like watch out for the frost tomb, watch for debuff, stack, spread, and kill adds.

But as a moonkin this fight is more. My actions from we engage the boss will affect my damage on the adds and the rest of the fight more than you think. It’s so important to start correct and get the correct Eclipse before the Vile Swills spawn, cause you want to be able to do max damage on them and get them down before next phase. What I do is to set my Wild Mushrooms anywhere in the tank’s kite path, we always start on the right side of the room and kite around to left side.

I start by popping my Treants to use them as many times as possible, up with DoTs, then casting Wraths and Starsurge to get Lunar Eclipse, Starfall before the adds spawn cause it will be off CD again fast with the glyph of Starfall and Starsurge, then Starfires to get Solar Eclipse, and then stop! I give Thorns to the Vile Swills tank and he starts to kite them. And the fun starts: Because of the moonkin talent Lunar Shower

When you cast Moonfire, you gain Lunar Shower. Lunar Shower increases the direct damage done by your Moonfire by 45%, and reduces the mana cost by 30%. This effect is refreshed and amplified when you move, stacking up to 3 times. Effect lasts for 3 sec.

So what I do is Sunfire, tab, Sunfire, tab and Insect Swarm, tab, Insect Swarm, tab, while strafing to left and right, till all the adds are DoTed. Repeat. This way your Moonfire which now has morphed to Sunfire will do 45% extra damage and cost nothing, and as Solar Eclipse buffs all your nature damage, your Insect Swarm and Wild Mushrooms will do 25% extra damage. So remember to detonate the Mushrooms when the tank passes them and set them out again if you can.

I’m not sure but sometimes it’s like you gain more from placing Mushrooms and detonate them than you would by DoTing, even though you lose time by placing the Mushrooms. Ye, I’m not a theorycrafter and know nothing about math so I can’t give an answer.

But this is how I play on Maloriak and my fellow moonkin Förstborn does too, and we’re doing great on damage on this fight so I guess we’re doing the right thing : )