First Hellfire Citadel raid


Some friends in the guild Fluffy Kittens of Doom on Stormscale EU raid two days per week and they usually got spots for friends who want to join. I’ve raided with them a few times now but this was my first time in Hellfire Citadel on normal difficulty, only done Looking For Raid previously.

As usual I was on my resto shaman which is my favorite character to raid with in this expansion. I didn’t read up on any of the bosses but they explained the tactics to me and the bosses weren’t very different from what they in LFR. The first four bosses went down very easily, most on first try. Kilrogg Deadeye took us a while longer to learn but we got him down and moved on to Gorefiend who we one-shotted.


I got 5 upgrades! It was a good and fun raid and I might continue to join them for a raid every now and then as long as it’s very casual.

Here’s the log from the raid on Warcraft Logs.

Pugging Highmaul


It was a Tuesday evening a few weeks ago when my boyfriend and I decided to find a last-minute pug to Highmaul normal. He went on his main, the monk tank, I decided to go on my alt, resto shaman. We didn’t have high expectations because it was late Tuesday evening and by then most people have already completed the raids, so we just wanted to find a group that could manage to kill one or two bosses so we could have a chance to get some loot.

We found a group in looking for raid and joined. The first boss went down pretty quick and we continued to the next one who was easy as pie. We went on and the rest of the bosses went down on first try! Even the last one which I didn’t even know tactics for. Who would have thought. I was even lucky enough to get some upgrades.

So I’ve reached my goal of defeating all bosses on normal, but I would like to clear them all on heroic as well. I did 6/7 bosses on heroic with my guild during the Christmas holidays when they arranged a raid for both raiders and socials, I played my druid and it was really fun but much harder than normal. I’ve also tried a heroic pug on my shaman with a few guildies but it didn’t go very well, we only got to the Butcher and had some good tries but we just couldn’t do it. Resto shaman is one of my favorite classes to play in raids.

Casual players looking for action

Some of you might remember that I wrote a long post about my previous guild which later stopped raiding 25 man after the officers and guild master decided they wanted to stop leading. I went looking for a new guild after that and joined a new 25 man guild with heroic progress. It felt nice to be there at first because they progressed fast and always had enough players for progress raids. But I didn’t get to raid a lot. I’m not 100% sure why because my gear weren’t that bad and I had read up on all the bosses, and I think I did pretty ok when I got to join in on farm bosses and normal clears. I was sick a week and missed some raids which was sad, but I thought it would be ok. I think they had killed 6 bosses on heroic when I joined and I thought I’d get to join in on progress raids really fast, but weeks passed and they killed the 11th boss on heroic and I still didn’t get to join progress raids. My boyfriend who also joined that guild because we want to play together got to play a few progress raids but it isn’t exactly what we want that just one of us gets to play and the other one has to watch, because it’s something we like to do together in our spare time.

So we decided we’d go social because we didn’t get to raid enough anyway and it’s just annoying when you show up every raid and don’t get to play and you could have done something else. We got more time for real life, alts and PvP now, so it’s ok. I don’t want to talk badly about the guild we were in, but it felt like they had enough people because there were usually a lot of people on standby and I don’t think it were the guild for us anyway because they had many progress raids on off days, even if they were optional, I think they wanted people who actually could raid on some of those days and we had already decided that 3 days were enough.

We thought about going back to Ash, our previous guild, were some of the old members had continued to raid in 10 man, but they stopped a few weeks ago. I’m not sure what we’re going to do now. Just play casual I guess. Level alts, do some PvP, flex and LFR. Our mains are still social in that guild we tried out on a different server and our alts are still in Ash. We might look for a friendly and social guild for casual players, but I don’t think we want to move any more characters. But if anyone out there play on Tarren Mill or Kazzak EU in a guild which has members and activities like pvp, casual raids or flex, we might be interested. We have also thought about starting some new characters, maybe level up some Alliance, so a social and friendly Alliance guild on any good EU realm is also of interest.

Progressing through Throne of Thunder


My guild, Ash, has been doing very well this patch and especially after we started on heroic modes. It surprised me that we got this far so fast cause we usually get stuck on some boss or have trouble with getting a full raid, but not this time. We only raid three days a week but we still try to do our best and get as far as we can cause we all want to progress and see all heroic content.

We started out in Throne of Thunder heroic and killed Jin’rokh March 21th, Horridon April 7th, Tortos April 14th, Megaera April 28th, Ji-Kun May 5th, Iron Qon May 19th, Council of Elders May 23th, Primordius May 28th, Durumu June 2nd and Twin Consorts June 4th. So our kills have been continuous till now, but we might be a bit stuck on Dark Animus which I’ve heard is one of the hardest bosses, so much RNG and things that annoy the shit out of us, but we almost had him last week, or well, we had a few very good tries so hopefully we will get him down this week and face Lei Shen next week!

I think all bosses are very well made but some are really annoying like Tortos with all those spinning turtles which knockback you if they get close, Megaera with the frost beams you have to kite across the room, and Iron Qon with the tornadoes… I’m not sure if I have a favorite boss yet, cause there is something annoying with every one of them and I’m starting to get a bit bored of farming the same bosses over and over again, I’m more into progressing, but Ji-Kun is kinda fun when I’m in the fly group and Primordius cause I’m mostly on the small adds.

I’m really looking forward to Lei Shen cause it’s supposed to be very hard and it’s a fun fight on normal so it can only be better on heroic, or that’s what I hope.

Check out our guild website for more screenshots and videos, content is on Swedish as we’re a Scandinavian guild.

Breaks and pauses

I’ve never had a break or pause from WoW since I started playing in 2007. Except for when the guild had breaks or pauses during summer, Christmas or whatever to visit friends, family or go on holiday, and that doesn’t really count as a break or pause in my eyes as I was still playing when I had time or wanted to, and I started up again as soon as I got back or raids got back on.

But this Christmas felt more like a break or pause, though it wasn’t really. I haven’t been raiding since mid December cause that’s when I went to visit my family and friends who live far away and I needed some weeks with them cause I don’t see them often anymore. It has been a month now and I’m sure the guild and the other raiders are wondering where I’ve gone, even though I wrote on the forum and told our guild master that I would be gone for some weeks, I just didn’t know how long.

I’ve missed a lot of raids now and some new heroic kills. I really wish I could be there and I hope they know I’ll be back very soon. I hope they haven’t replaced me and that I’ll still get a spot when I’m back. Cause I’ve tried my best to get online and do some dailies, looking for raid, scenario and heroic when I had the time. I think they will understand and be ok with it, so everything will be as it was before. But I’m not sure cause some of my previous guilds haven’t been that happy with raiders being away from raids for weeks even if it was a good reason for it. They might get demoted, no loot for weeks and weeks, no spot in raids or even get home to discover you’d been kicked. I know my guild wouldn’t do that, but it’s no fun when you think back on what’s happened before, it just takes a while for me to forget and feel secure.

I know there will come a day when I’ll think about quitting and actually do it. I have thought about it and what the reason would be. It might be work, school or family. And I know that right now I should focus more on work etc and I will, I won’t prioritize WoW over my real life cause I can’t afford it, but I don’t want to quit. That’s why I like my guild and hope they’ll understand if I can’t have 100% raid attendance cause of work or family. I’ll still attend enough raids to keep my raider rank at least for as long as I can.

I’m wondering how so many of you can handle everything in life and still raid. I know many bloggers and people I’ve seen on Twitter got fulltime jobs, family and kids, blogs and other activities and they’re still raiding. What’s the secret? And how long do you think it’s ok to be away from raiding?

Thoughts on Dragon Soul

I’ve been looking forward to new content for like a month, maybe more. Firelands was fun before the big nerf when the bosses actually were a small challenge, now they’re just ridiculous. Not that we have killed Ragnaros heroic yet, but we were very close and just haven’t had time to go back and try now in 4.3

I didn’t know much about the Dragon Soul raid before it went live and we went in there, first in Looking For Raid which was too easy, then next day normal guild run.

The first four bosses were very easy and simple, they don’t have many mechanics and it’s not much you have to do or remember, just dps/heal/tank + like one more thing. Dragon Soul is actually very moonkin friendly, more than Firelands was cause of all the movement, target switch which means dps loss. But in Dragon Soul as moonkin I was very happy with the fights.

Morchok and the movement there wasn’t a problem at all as you can dps while you’re behind those pillars and put up dots if you’re running to an orb or just use travel form to get there faster. This boss was also very easy so we one-shotted him.

Warlord Zon’ozz has a bit of movement if you have to move to reach the ball and when you have to stack on melee for phase two. But that’s about it, so most of the time you’ll be able to just stand still and nuke. It took us some tries to get him down cause the tank kept dying and melee didn’t move properly out when they were supposed to so the ball could hit the boss.

Yor’sahj was a lot of fun as moonkin. You start dpsing the boss, then just stampeding roar or dash to get to the globules faster. But the fun part is the other adds which spawn near the boss and you have to AoE. Try being in Solar Eclipse and detonate your Wild Mushrooms, oh how much I love them! If it wasn’t for the fps lag (yes I need a new computer) then my dps would have been much higher on this boss. Fun and easy boss as long as you know which globule to kill and call it out early so you got time to dps them down.

Hagara was more annoying as moonkin cause there is so much movement and target switching. But then it’s good to have Stampeding Roar and dots. This boss is actually a bit fun cause there is more than one thing to think about, still not hard. I think we got her down on first try with a few deaths.

Ultraxion is very straight forward just stacking up, dpsing the boss and using the special ability at the correct time. We wiped a couple of times cause people didn’t use their special ability when they were supposed to and we lost too many, but we got him down when they finally managed to stay alive.

Warmaster Blackhorn was a surprisingly easy fight, we almost had him on first try, but too many dps and healers died in the end so we wiped and got him on next try. Great as moonkin cause there are so many targets to dot up. Easy but still a fun fight, I’m looking forward to seeing what it’ll be like on heroic.

Spine of Deathwing was a bit trickier than the previous bosses cause it took us a while before people started to dps the right targets and stop when they were told to. Kind of annoying fight cause I felt like I couldn’t do very much as there weren’t many targets to dps. Might be better on heroic.

Madness of Deathwing is very simple but still so much fun cause there is always something to do. I kept dots up on both Deathwing’s arm and the tentacle all the time while dpsing the tentacle, then switch to the Elementium Bolt when it’s targetable, back to tentacle and then his arm again. Already placed Wild Mushrooms so I could detonate them when the adds spawned and had Starfall ready to get them down fast. I used my cooldowns in the start and one more time I think and then saved them for the last platform which needed some extra damage cause we had to kill the normal adds and the tentacle adds. In second phase I placed Wild Mushrooms out so they were ready for the small adds, dots on the boss at all times, then switch between adds and boss as the adds spawn. The damage taken on this boss is insane so of course I used my Barkskin all the time and especially in the second phase. Barkskin, Dream, Healthstone and Tranquillity helps the healers out a lot.

Some tank deaths, people falling down and dying which I hope is a bug, and random deaths which caused dps loss were what took us around 9 tries to fix before we got him down. Very simple boss, but my favorite so far.

Important things to remember as moonkin in Dragon Soul: Use your Barkskin, Innervate healers early so you can use it twice or more, Tranquillity if raid goes low on health, Thorns on tanks for extra damage (use a macro which gives Thorns to your target’s target), use Stampeding Roar when your raid needs to move.

World of Logs from our raid