Tower of Quel’thalas still standing

I remember the day before the cataclysm hit Azeroth, people said that the tower of  Quel’thalas most likely would be destroyed and gone or just impossible to reach cause of invisible walls. One of my favorite less known place. I spent the whole evening there, watched the sun set and took some screenshots you might remember. I really thought it was my last time there and it would be gone by the next day. Untill I yesterday flew around the Quel’thalas area and thought I’d check and I was happily surprised by the sight of the tower and everything else standing as it did before the cataclysm.

It’s harder to get there now, but I don’t know why they want to prevent us from going there as it is beautiful and even has an own chat channel. Hopefully they will fully develop the zone and put it to use in the game as they first intended.

World of Warcraft Secrets: Quel’thalas

I did not know about this place beforehand, when I went there the first time back in TBC. I was just bored and decided to take a swim around the continents cause I noticed not all parts of the map get highlighted, so maybe there could be some secret lands to discover, so this is one of the two places I found.

I did of course look for info about it and this is what I found on :

Its purpose is unknown but it has been speculated that it represents an abandoned idea for allowing players to access Quel’thalas.

Another theory is that it is a left over from before Quel’thalas’ current form was conceived.

It is possible that this location is nothing more than the result of a bored developer playing around in an unused area of the game.

Whatever it is, I think this place is one of the most beautiful zones in the game and it’s sad that it’s hidden away like this. It’s not a big zone tho, it only has a tall white tower, some ruins and a dock. Night elf look.

Similar ruins can be found at the border of Desolace and Mulgore, you can see them when you fly from Thunder Bluff to Shadowprey Village. I’ve also been there before and made a video of it which you can watch in this post.

I’ve shown this place to many friends, some of them got really excited and love it, other got disappointed cause it’s so small. But I don’t care, it’s still beautiful. I usually go there late and watch the moon and the stars.

The reason I went there this time is because I tried to get there on the beta but was stopped by an invisible wall, so if this area gets unaccessable in Cataclysm, I wanted a last visit.

And here is a quick video I made to show how to get there. It’s a long swim so you might want to be a druid or get some kind of waterwalking or swim speed potion.

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