Patch day sucks

Patch 4.0.1 was released yesterday, it’s now 02:07 AM in Denmark, but servers didn’t get up before 04:00 PM yesterday and when I got online the first thing I did was to visit my trainer in Moonglade and fix my spec, I went with the one I linked in my guide here it is on my Armory.

Then I fixed all my glyphs. Prime: Wrath, Moonfire and Insect Swarm. Major: Innervate, Rebirth and Starfall. Minor: Unburdened Rebirth, Mark of the Wild and Aquatic Form.

And I didn’t have enough hit so I gemmed some hit gems in blue sockets and reforged some crit to haste, cause I had like way too much crit. Now my Armory says 3689 Spell Power, 445 hit (0,04 chance to miss 83/boss doh!), 44,88% crit and 1224 haste.

I did update all my addons on Curse Client and load out of date, but still most of them didn’t work, and when I tried to play with them anyway my fps dropped to like 1-5 whenever I was in a place with other people, like in Orgrimmar. I got huge fps spikes and couldn’t play, so looks like I have to play without my beloved addons until they all get updated and work together. Has to be the addons cause my fps has always been fine before and it’s no problem without addons.

I managed to test my dps on the boss dummy, then without all DoT tracking addons, and I did about 16k which I’m happy with. Maybe I’ll do more when I fix the addon problem.

I looked forward to test my dps and everything in raids but I’ll suck without addons. I can’t play without some of them like Forte Exorcist, Skada, Omen, DBM, Grid, Pitbull, Satrinas Bufframes.. Hope they fix them all very soon, raid tomorrow.. or today.. 02:18 AM now.

Not looking forward to all the work on my alts.. I haven’t been able to find a lot of info on fury warrior after the patch, guess I just have to search more. And UI, I haaaate to fix UI and addons, it always takes hours..

Besides all the class changes not much has changed, no Cataclysm event, buhu, but the earthquakes are there, so maybe soon…

I should be happy tho, my blog and moonkin guide got many hits yesterday, 3529, passed 10.000 total visitors, soon 12.000! This is a lot to me, used to like 100-200 daily hits, happy when I get more than that. Thanks a lot, hope the guide is helpful.

Oh, by the way, they didn’t remove Champion/Conqueror of Ulduar, and turn it into a feat of strenght.. WoW Insider said they would.. Pfff…

Another thing: Don’t use Starfall on Sindragosa when you got unchained magic…. It doesn’t count as one spell anymore, so… 10 stars, 10 stacks… Hurts, trust me.. And on heroic mode, you’ll kill the whole raid, grats!