Bye-bye Pandaria

It has been over two years since Mists of Pandaria was released. I think it was a great expansion because we finally got to explore Pandaria and learn more about the pandaren which I always have found very interesting. But now I’m ready for a new expansion and I can’t wait to explore Draenor and see everything it has in store.

I wanted to say good-bye to Pandaria, so I flew around the continent and took some screenshots.


A watcher on the great wall on the border of Kun-Lai Summit and Townlong Steppes


By Yan-Zhe River in Valley of the Four Winds


Binan Village in Kun-Lai Summit


Serenity Falls in Jade Forest


Sunset at the Heartland and Verdant Belt in Valley of the Four Winds


Heart of Fear in Dread Wastes


Ruins of Guo Lai in Vale of Eternal Blossoms

Will you miss Pandaria?

IntPiPoMo 25/50 Pandaria


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I love Pandaria! There are so many beautiful zones and so many great things just waiting to be captured in a screenshot. So I took the trip around Pandaria to find take some shots to share with you.

Secrets of Pandaria

For an adventurer and explorer it’s always fun with a new continent and zones, and I’ve spent so much time flying, running and swimming criss-cross all over Pandaria, I’ve been both high and low, but I haven’t discovered as much as I thought I would. After the Whispering Forest I’ve had very high hopes and expectations to Pandaria and I thought there would be some kind of hidden area or event to find, but after all this searching I’ve started to doubt it. Everything that has been found seems to have a meaning and everyone knows about it so it’s not that special. But I guess I’ll keep on looking.

There are plenty of fun discoveries all around Pandaria, so it’s not like they’ve forgotten about us who loves a small easter egg, hunting rares or collecting vanity and fun items. You’ve most likely heard of the Relic Hunter where you are to find 20 lost treasures hidden in Pandaria and Riches of Pandaria which are hidden grey items which gives a great amount of experience and vendor for around 100 gold.

I’d like to share with you some of my favorite easter eggs, references and fun discoveries in Pandaria.

The Watchers on the Wall

Shado-Pan Wallwatchers can be found on the wall in Pandaria and when you click them they’ll say “We are the watchers on the wall, We are the sword in the shadows.” which is a reference to the Night’s Watch in Game of Thrones.



On a mountain top outside Sri-La Village in the Jade Forest a house with balloons attached to it can be found. Inside the house is a male pandaren named Kar, outside is a grummle named Rusty Nail with a big backpack and there is also a dog called Dig. A great reference to one of my favorite movies, Up.


Lonesome George

or Lon’li Guju as he’s been named in the game is a flying turtle in Zouchin Village in Kun-Lai. He’s a reference to the Lonesome George who was the last known Pinta Island tortoise. In the game he’s got wings and flies around the coast looking very happy. And if you do a /wave, /hug or /love at him, he’ll follow you around for a while.



On the border of Townlong Steppes and Dread Wastes there is an area called The Widening Deep. If you fly around there a little bit and look closely you might discover a female pandaren rolling and rolling in the deep. A reference to the artist Adele and her song “Rolling in the Deep”.



He’s a yaungol sitting under the beautiful trees surrounded by flowers in the Arboretum in Jade Forest. It’s a reference to the story about Ferdinand the Bull who would rather smell flowers than fight in bullfights. You might have seen him in the famous Disney Christmas show From All of Us to All of You.


The yellow brick road

Far south in the Jade Forest a picture can be seen on the a wall. It looks like the road to Oz in the Wizard of Oz.


The Jade Witch

You might have done the quest about the Jade Witch in the Jade Forest. She turns people into jade statues which to me is a reference to the white witch in Narnia who turns people into stone statues.


Other fun discoveries which I don’t know the reference to

There is a male pandaren fishing from an island in the Jade Forest. His name is Ky-Le the Traveller and he says “Here we are in the land down under. It is just as beautiful as the stories I was told as a cub on the Wandering Isle. Though the fish could be larger.”


I discovered this when I was digging for fragments in Kun-Lai. It looks like a cat and made me think of Hello Kitty.


Two skeletons playing a game on a mountain top in the Jade Forest.


Skeletons of dinosaurs or some kind of similar animal surrounded by roses in Vale of Eternal Blossoms.


A wooden raft with a skeleton, a doll and two birds who look alive cause they move their heads. It can be found in the Jade Forest.


I have no idea who this guy is! But he can be found in Mistfall Village in Vale of Eternal Blossoms. Right now he makes me think of the Lilo & Stitch movies and Elvis, but that might be because I just watched those movies.


There are plenty of other easter eggs and references in Pandaria, too many to mention them all, though I wish I had them all listed.

What’s your favorite discovery in Pandaria?

My first weeks in Pandaria

We were already online at 00:00 and created our monks and were ready to start leveling when suddenly….

Not surprised as Kazzak is a high populated server and with everyone logging in at the same time and begin on the same place it would be a miracle if the server didn’t go down once, twice or maybe ten times, how many was it again?

But we finally got to level our monks.

It was a lot of fun cause all you need is…

Spinning Crane Kick!

At 85 I switched to my druid and we did some quests in Pandaria, some of them were weird like when we had to throw monkey poop on jinyus

Others were exciting like this one

and some led us to monsters who maybe were a bit too excited to see me

I got to travel by boat through a cave up in the mountains

I got a new mount, this is actually a yak in a quest, but I bought the yak mount later

I learned surfing

I managed to get a target board on my head

and I got a new nick name: Syrco Poppins

I’ve seen a lot of skeletons

But also a few dead bosses

I’ve also waited for hopeless bosses

Ridden a shark

Got a new friend who’s growing

Got trapped behind a wall in Guo-Lai Halls

and beaten up by a plant

But it has pretty much been some very exciting and fun first weeks in Pandaria.


MoP: Balance druid pre-raid gear

Pre-raid gear in Mists of Pandaria 

This is an updated version of this list of pre-raid gear for level 90 balance druids. First is a list with the best items sorted by slot, next is a list of factions and items, then a list with gear from dungeons and last professions. These lists are made for balance druids but might also work well for restoration druids and mistweaver monks as they use the same gear.

It’s still work in progress, so I will update it if anything changes or if there is more to add.

Best in Slot (BiS) – pre-raid

I’m not 100% sure these items are absolutely BiS pre-raid, but they’re good choices and what I’ll be going for unless something changes.

Snowdrift Helm (2250 VP Shado-Pan revered)
Hood of Viridian Residue (Vizier Jin’bak – Siege of the Niuzao Temple heroic)

Burning Necklace of the Golden Lotus (quest: The Final Power, Valeof Eternal Blossoms)
Pendant of Precise Timing (Saboteur Kip’tilak – Gate of the Setting Sun heroic)

Whitepetal Shouldergarb (1750 VP Golden Lotus revered)
Incarnadine Scarlet Spaulders (High Inquisitor Whitemane – Scarlet Monastery heroic)

Cloak of Snow Blossoms (1250 VP Shado-Pan revered)
Sagewhisper’s Wrap (1250 VP Shado-Pan revered)
Cloak of Overwhelming Corruption (Preotectors of the Endless (Elite) – Terrace of Endless Spring)
Scorched Earth CLoak (Brother Korloff – Scarlet Monastery heroic)

Nightfire Robe – LW
Wildblood Vest – LW
Mistfall Robes (2250 VP – Golden Lotus revered)
Chestguard of Despair (Sha of Doubt – Temple of the Jade Serpent heroic)

Clever Ashyo’s Armbands (1250 VP – The August Celestials revered)
Star Summoner Bracers (Gu Cloudstrike – Shado-Pan Monastery heroic)

Liferuned Leather Gloves – LW
Wildblood Gloves – LW
Ogo’s Elder Gloves (1750 VP The August Celestials revered)
Rattling Gloves (Rattlegore – Scholomance heroic)

Klaxxi Lash of the Harbringer (1750 VP Klaxxi revered)
Hurricane Belt (Trial of the King – Mogu’shan Palace heroic)

Wind-Reaver Greaves (2250 VP Klaxxi revered)
Darkbinder Leggings (Taran Zhu – Shado-Pan Monastery heroic)

Asani’s Uncleansed Sandals (Protectors of the Endless (elite) – Terrace of Endless Spring)
Treads of Corrupted Water (Wise Mari – Temple of the Jade Serpent heroic)

Watersoul Signet (Protectors of the Endless (elite) – Terrace of Endless Spring)
Simple Harmonius Ring (1250 VP Golden Lotus revered)
Seal of the Lucid (Quest: Shadow of the Empire Dread Wastes)

Relic of Yu’lon (Quest: Darkmoon Serpent Deck)
Flashfrozen Resin Globule (Vizier Jin’bal – Siege of the Niuzao Temple heroic)
Blossom of Pure Snow (1750 VP – Shado-Pan revered)
Vision of the Predator (Striker Ga’dok – Gate of the Setting Sun heroic)

Regail’s Crackling Dagger (Protectors of the Endless (elite) – Terrace of Endless Spring)
Inscribed Crane Staff – Inscription
Carapace Breaker (Raigonn – Gate of the Setting Sun heroic)
Gustwalker Staff (Wing Leader Ner’onok – Siege of the Niuzao Temple heroic)

Inscribed Jade Fan – Inscription
Record of Mysterious Deeds (Gai-Cho Earthtalker Townlong Steppes)
Bottle of Potent Potables (Hoptallus – Stormstout Brewery heroic)

Items sorted by faction/drop


The August Celestials






The Klaxxi




Golden Lotus




Gate of the Setting Sun

Mogu’shan Palace

Scarlet Halls

Scarlet Monastery


Shado-Pan Monastery

Siege of Niuzao Temple

Stormstout Brewery

Temple of the Jade Serpent




Quests for Darkmoon trinkets