How WoW reminds me of my home

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Which zone or area in WoW reminds you of your home?

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There are many beautiful zones and areas in WoW, but there have always been some that have felt special to me because they remind me of where I’m from. In my last post about this topic here I mentioned Storm Peaks, Howling Fjords, Grizzly Hills and Kun-Lai Summit. But now with the Broken Isles I have two new zones: Highmountain and Stormheim which both remind me a lot of Bergen and Norway.

Stormheim reminds me a lot of Norway because of the vrykuls, their names, houses, ships which are inspired by vikings. The nature with mountains, the sea that kind of looks like a fjord, pine trees and the forest with orange and yellow trees.

Even the name Stormheim sounds Norwegian because storm is the same in Norwegian and heim means home. Other names that are inspired by Norwegian is Haustvald which means fall violence, and Hafr Fjall, hafr is a name and fjall (fjell) is mountain. So I always think of Norway when I fly around in Stormheim.

This picture shows parts of the trail up to the mountain Rundemanen (568 m) in Bergen. 1 km of the trail goes along the side of the mountain, where the mountain goes straight down on one side. You can’t really see it in this picture. But the trail reminds me of the narrow hiking trails up the mountains in Highmountain and Stormheim. If you haven’t tried them yet, then you should get out your ground mount or just run without a mount because the trails are really narrow.

Highmountain has pine trees, waterfalls, moose and tall wind-blown snowcapped mountains which we also got here. Bergen is surrounded by mountains, but none as tall as Highmountain Summit. The tallest mountain in Bergen is Ulriken at 643 m. Here is a photo of Ulriken and the view of the city from Ulriken.

Every time I see a mountain either it be in real life or in-game I always think “I have to get up there”. If it’s in-game then I have to walk up if it’s possible, not use a flying mount. Sometimes I wish I could fly up on a mountain in real life, but I don’t have a helicopter, wings or even a mount so I have to use my legs.

I haven’t been to any very tall mountains but there are so many great hiking trails and mountains around here so I doubt I’ll ever get tired of living here.

Highmountain Summit has a beautiful and inspiring message on a weathered parchment at the top:

In honor of those who ascend to unimaginable heights. May your spirit continue through the dreams of others who follow…

So, which zone or area in WoW reminds you of your home?

Happy Norwegian Constitution Day!


17th of May is Norway’s National Day and an official national holiday. We call it Søttende mai which means Seventeenth May. 201 years ago the constitution was created at Eidsvoll and Norway became an independent kingdom after a 434 years union with Denmark. We Norwegians are proud to be independent and celebrate it with parades, flags, music, food and festivities.

I celebrated the day in Bergen with my boyfriend and his mother and stepfather who visited from Sweden. It was their first National Day celebration here in Norway and I think they enjoyed it. The city was so beautifully decorated with flags, flowers in the colors of the flag and everyone wore their best clothes like bunads or suit and dresses even though it rained quite a bit during the parade. We watched the parades, skydivers over the city, listened to the speeches and sang the National Anthem. Then we ate sushi for dinner and went to Starbucks for a coffee and dessert. Walked around in the city and looked at all the people and everything there was to see on this special day. Later in the evening there was a concert on Bryggen with great artists, all with a connection to Bergen, Sissel Kyrkjebø, Sondre Lerche, Charlie Siem, Bjarte Hjelmeland and Ylvis. Then the big new cruise ship Viking Star was christened and there were fireworks.

Happy Norwegian Constitution Day!

Gratulerer med dagen!

What in WoW reminds you of your home

I’ve played with many different people from many different countries, I follow many different people on Twitter and I read blogs by many different bloggers. We live all around the world but WoW and blogging keep us connected. Some people are from places I’ve never even heard about and some from places I’ve only seen on TV and in movies and dream about visiting. It’s always fun to learn more about where everyone are from and what it looks like there.

I’ve played WoW for many years now and I’ve spent a lot of time running and flying around exploring the different zones and areas in the game. Most of the zones are very unique and nothing like anything I’ve ever seen in real life, but some of them reminds me of where I’m from and they feel like home. Most remind me of my country, Norway, but some also of my city and the place where I grew up. Snow capped mountains will always remind me of Norway and my city Bergen there are so many tall mountains in Norway, in Bergen alone there are at least seven mountains surrounding the city which is why it’s known as the city between the seven mountains.


In Wrath of the Lich King and Northrend there were tons of things that reminded me of Norway because of the Vrykuls and their culture inspired by vikings and Norse mythology. Everything from the NPC’s Nordic names and names of areas like Jotunheim in Icecrown which is actually a mountain chain in Norway to polar bears and dragon heads carved from wood. Howling Fjord also reminds me of Norway because we got so many fjords here and the word “fjord” is actually Norwegian. But Howling Fjord doesn’t really have any fjords at all, the small so-called fjord which leads to Valgarde looks nothing like a real fjord, it’s more like a crack in the ground where sea water has filled it up.

I have to mention some of my favorite pieces of music which screams Norway all the way, at least for me it does.

Last but not least, the northern lights or aurora borealis! It’s one of the most beautiful things in the world. I’ve only seen it like twice and it wasn’t as bright and strong colored as you see on pictures, but it was still so amazing! It’s not often we see the aurora here south in Norway, so one day I’m going north to see it for real. The aurora in WoW looks great but it’s nothing like the real aurora, the colors are usually green, pink or a mix of both those colors. Believe me when I say: You HAVE TO see the aurora for real before you die, it’s stunning!

Now, tell me: What in WoW reminds you of your home?

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Roadtrip to our new home

I apologize for not posting more often these last weeks, I’ve just been so busy packing and fixing stuff. We moved this week, from the west coast of Sweden to the west coast of Norway. Back home to Bergen where I’m from. We rented a moving truck in Sweden and my boyfriend’s dad drove all the way up and then back the next day.


It’s usually a 11 hour drive but we spent around 14 hours on the road because of different reasons. Like in Oslo we missed our exit because the GPS was slow and I was asleep so we drove right into the center of the city and a traffic jam due to road works, complete chaos! Think we spent an hour there, moving slower than a turtle before we finally found our way to the right road.

It also took longer than usual because we couldn’t drive top speed with that heavy moving load in the back and we took some breaks a long the way. Some of the most disgusting toilets I’ve ever seen can be found a long the way from Hønefoss to Gol, I’ll never forget the stench and the flies. But there are also some great views along the way.

We continued up through Hallingdal before we finally reached Geilo, which is located halfway between Oslo and Bergen and 800 meters above sea level. Geilo is a perfect spot to take a break and get something to eat. So we ate the best pizza in Norway at Peppes Pizza.

Then we continued through Hardangervidda where the highest point was almost 1300 meters above sea level. It was more snow there than I had imagined it would be in May. You don’t want to drive through Hardangervidda in winter because of the snow and the road might be closed. But the roads were free of snow now and the view was beautiful. By the way: the scenes from the ice planet Hoth in Star Wars: The Empire Strikes Back (1979) were filmed in Finse, not far from where we were. Imagine the AT-ATs walking around.

The way down was really steep and winding, but we got down in the end and saw some great views along the way. Like Vøringsfossen in Hardanger where you can stand on the edge of a cliff and look 200 meters down in the valley. It’s scary because it’s so far down and nothing between you and the edge. I didn’t go too far out so I didn’t get any photos to show you how far down it is.

After our break at Vøringsfossen we continued down through Måbødalen where the road looks like this:
no-nb_blds_01774 001
Photo from Wikipedia

Hardanger was really beautiful!

We crossed the Hardanger bridge which was new in 2013.

I bet there are a thousand tunnels here west in Norway. I know there are many between Voss and Bergen. What was really annoying was that when we got to Voss, there was a sign about a tunnel being closed and you could only pass every half hour. And we were starting to get really tired as we had already spend more time on the road than we thought we would. So we just wanted to get home fast. When we finally got to the closed tunnel it was 22:15 and there was a line in front of the tunnel. Some guy came over to us and told us that the tunnel was closed because of road works and that we had to wait until 23:00 to pass.

Luckily we had brought food and drinks to have a long the way, so we sat and waited until they opened. Then we drove for maybe another hour before we finally reached our destination! But we couldn’t go to bed until we had emptied the truck which took another half hour or so, then we got something to eat and went to bed.

It’s the longest drive I’ve ever been on. I know we could have chosen a shorter route but it was fun to drive the route we chose because there were so many great sights a long the way.

By the way: I’ve been thinking a bit about writing more personal posts, like this one, every once in a while. But I’ll still write about WoW and maybe Diablo III as well. Let me know what you think in the comments below. I’m also wondering: Have you ever been to Norway?

Real life, WoW and Diablo III

I can’t believe it’s May already. Time goes by so fast, especially when you got a lot to do. I’ve been busy packing and fixing stuff in real life because we’re moving in a few weeks. I don’t spent a lot of time in WoW these days, mostly because of the moving but also because there isn’t much happening in WoW and I’ll rather play Diablo III Reaper of Souls which I just got last week.


It’s been nice to have a new game to sit down to and enjoy after a long day of packing. I’ve been playing with my boyfriend who bought the game when I got it. I play a demon hunter and he plays a wizard. We got to level 70 really fast because there were so many mobs, so many extra events and quests and tons of mobs in different dungeons.

We finally got to try the adventure mode which was pretty awesome because it was new, different and we got loads of new items! We’ve also tried the crusader which I just barely tried on the beta. It’s a fun class, but I don’t think melee is quite my thing right now as I hate running after mobs when they run off to be able to kill them or annoying casters who stand a mile away. I’ve got a barbarian already so I knew that part would annoy me. I’ll just stick with my demon hunter and maybe my wizard.


So we spend most of the days packing, selling things we don’t want to take with us and preparing for the move. It’s kinda stressful at times, but it has to be done and it’ll be so great when we’re done and can relax. We’re moving from Sweden to Norway, so we have to rent a moving truck, which isn’t cheap but it’s our only alternative. It’s a long drive from here to our new home but it’s also a very nice drive through the beautiful Norwegian nature.