Moonkin Hatchling now avaliable!

I was wondering when they would be and I was about to go to bed, just had to check Twitter first and there were several tweets about the pets being available in the Blizzard Store so I had to check for myself. And yes, there they were!

So I bought one and logged in to see what it looked like. It’s super cute with those big eyes and when it’s trying to fly, after a while it plants a flower in a random color and if you /dance at it, it will dance with you.

This is the pet I’ve always wanted, since the day I knew about pets and moonkin. But I wish they made a plush with it like the gryphon and windrider cub pets. I would love to have a moonkin pet irl! So if anyone knows where to get one..

I didn’t only buy the pet because it was super cute but also because Blizzard will donate 50% of the $10 purchase price to the Make-A-Wish Foundation. It’s like with the Pandaren Monk last year they donated $1.1 million! That’s a lot of money from a $10 pet!

So have you got yours yet? Or maybe you want the Lil’ Ragnaros in stead, or both?