Gearing alts – Shadow’s Edge

I decided to transfer my warrior which is my old main and first character over to my current realm. I haven’t really played warrior since Naxxramas in Wrath of the Lich King, only some daily heroics and VoA. I had to read up on spec, glyphs, caps etc to check if I was correct. I just needed some expertise and armor pen.

The reason I transfered him was that I missed to play warrior, after all it was my first character and main in TBC to Naxxramas. He had good gear back then, but not anymore, and he deserves to be geared and played not just sit on some random realm alone. This might sound weird but he will always be special to me cause he was the one I explored the world of Azeroth and Outland on first, he’s been there from the start.

He needed some better gear. His gear score was around 5200 with T9 parts, T10 shoulders and different items from the Icecrown 5-mans, so I couldn’t really get more from triumph emblems and it’s so slow to only do VoA, daily heroic and weekly.

But on my current main I had collected so many frost emblems I don’t need so I crafted the  plate boots from the Ashen Verdict reputation. It was Monday when I transferred him so I didn’t think I would find any Icecrown run to join, and I didn’t have achievement to show on that character either.

Many groups were looking for people and I got to join because I told them I had achievement on my main and this was an alt. In 10 man we did 4 bosses + the weekly Frost Giant. Some people didn’t understand where to go with the spore on Festergut, even tho we told them over and over again, so we stopped there. I didn’t get any loot, but I got emblems.

After that I found a 25 man with a nice raid leader. A lot of items I needed dropped; I got bracers from Gunship heroic, a Protector mark from Saurfang and the blood from Rotface. I rolled 3rd on the blood from Festergut, but the guy who won didn’t have the quest so he couldn’t loot the item, so people said I should get it instead and I did. I also got two Primordial Saronites. I could buy the rest with frost emblems on my druid.

So we did 6 bosses and wiped on Dreamwalker cause we were 22 and not enough dps and I was alone dpsing on the right side. Suppressors didn’t go down, so already then people started to leave mid combat. But it was a good raid and it had to be my lucky day.

My boyfriend moved a character too by the way, his death knight tank, had about the same gear as me when we started, crafted gear and got some items so he went up like 400 gear score.

I went to buy the rest of the saronites and get Arthas’ old hammer from the Frostmourne Cavern and back to turn in the quest. So now my warrior has Shadow’s Edge!

Cataclysm main title: “The Shattering” + interview

I’ve been waiting for this since they announced Cataclysm and last week the music was finally out on YouTube, from the beta files I guess. Blizzard’s music department don’t like that people do that, but they understand we’re excited and I’m one of those who couldn’t wait for the launch to hear it.

I had really high expectations cause I loved the music from Vanilla, Burning Crusade and Wrath of the Lich King. I’m a huge fan of classical, orchestra and choir music from games.

I have many favorite tracks, but I will try to only list a few ones here. Ok, that’s too hard.. I’ll pick some favorites from Wrath of the Lich King:

  1. Invincible (unlocked in the WoW anniversary)
  2. Arthas My Son (Wrath of the Lich King cinematic)
  3. Wrath of the Lich King Main Title (login screen)
  4. Ebon Hold (Death Knight)
  5. Ulduar Exterior Action (Razorscale)
  6. Bronze Jam (Forge of Souls)
  7. Fall of the Lich King ending cinematic music

So I started to listen to the Cataclysm music. Most of the tracks are from new and old zones, some themes for races and events. I haven’t heard them enough times yet to say what I think about them, and kinda need to hear them in-game, in the zone with ambience etc.

But what I can write about is the Cataclysm main title, oh my, I’ve been looking forward to this for such a long time.

I remember when I first heard the WotLK main title, my jaw dropped and I had goosebumps all over. The music made me so excited and happy, it still does. I listened to it all the time, like every day, everywhere, on my phone, PC and the mp3 player I had back then. Had it as ringtone till I got my iPhone and sometimes when I log into WoW I wait a bit with the authenticator to listen to the music.

I think it’s hard to explain how music makes me feel sometimes, how I hear and experience it, I don’t know if anyone will understand how excited I am about all this music. I have never met anyone else who love this music as much as I do, but I bet there are some out there somewhere.

I found a video with the music and footage from Cataclysm beta made by 1Nefti1, very good quality and the music and clips fit perfect together.

0:00-0:40 –
0:40-1:31 –
1:31-2:40 Legends of Azeroth
2:40-3:22 Stormwind Cathedral
3:22-4:47 Cold Mountain
4:47-5:27 New Moonglade
5:27-6:00 Goblin
6:00-6:40 Legends of Azeroth
6:40-7:38 Invincible
7:38-8:36 Eye of the Vortex Theme used in shattered areas
8:37-9:28 Worgen
9:29-10:04 Gunship
10:05-10:57 Ulduar (Thaurissan’s Reach)
10:58-12:06 Vanilla main title (Legends of Azeroth)
(not confirmed)

Now I’ve been listening to this music for hours, over and over again. First time I heard it was like two days ago but I didn’t really have the time to sit down and listen so carefully, so I did it first now.

And I’m so impressed! I had very high expectations and thought I would get disappointed because of it but no way, I didn’t.  This music brings back so many good memories from the first time I saw the WoW trailer, played the game, heard the “Legends of Azeroth”. I love how they re-use “old” songs in the newer expansions, they did the same with Wrath of the Lich King and Burning Crusade.

Some of the songs here, the worgen part 8:37-9:28, reminds me of Disney movies, not sure which ones and why, but it’s only positive. The Gunship battle music is my favorite boss fight music in Icecrown Citadel cause it’s just so perfect and exciting, not that the fight is very exciting at the moment, but the music sure is!

Uldum is the land of the titans and Ulduar was also made by the titans, so I hope they will make similar music in the Uldum instances with choirs, cause I loved the Ulduar music and was so happy when I heard it in the main title. It sounds so powerful and I really wonder what the lyrics are, if there are any, maybe it’s only made up lyrics for the sound of it. Saving one of the best parts to the end: Invincible! Nothing can ever beat this song. What else can I say, it fits perfectly in.

But the most epic parts are the goblin part 5:27-6:00, especially 5:45, so beautiful! And the Vanilla main title part 10:58-12:06, especially from 11:35. Goosebumps!!!

Just have to say: Thank you, Russell Brower, you’re the best composer ever!


Have to add that The Instance podcast had their #200 episode August 23rd, with special interviews with Russell Brower, Veronica Belmont, Felicia Day and Tom Merritt. Check it out here.