Balance druid gear list – MoP

Updated list here

So I got inspired by Saz who made a list of enhancement shaman gear and decided to spend some time in the beta and then create my own list of balance druid gear.

This is a list of pre-raid gear for level 90 balance druids but it might also work well for restoration druids and mistweaver monks as they use the same gear.

It’s still work in progress, so I will update it if anything changes or if there is more to add.


The August Celestials






The Klaxxi




Golden Lotus




Gate of the Setting Sun

Mogu’shan Palace

Scarlet Halls

Scarlet Monastery


Shado-Pan Monastery

Siege of Niuzao Temple

Stormstout Brewery

Temple of the Jade Serpent




Gearing up your moonkin: Reputation gear

We finally had good enough gear to start raiding 25 man last week. But it took a lot of work and farming to get. Normal dungeons for gear to heroic and reputation, bought some pieces off AH and then heroics for even better gear. Currently I have two epics which are from the Dragonmaw Clan reputation, rest is random blues from reputation and dungeons, some heroic.

As I did all this to get gear I made a list of what gear is worth getting, so here is a small guide or whatever you can call it, maybe it will be useful for some out there.

I hope you already have swapped out your level 80 epics, cause some greens and most blues are much better. You should look for gear with more intellect, spirit, hit and haste. Remember spirit often gives you more hit than hit itself does, and intellect gives mana, crit and spellpower so it might be worth more than your old items with spellpower gems and bonuses.

The stat priorities are Intellect > Spirit/Hit = Haste > Crit >= Mastery. You can read more about the stats and caps for moonkin in my Moonkin Cataclysm guide.

Remember you can always reforge your gear to get the stats you need.

Useful addons

  • RatingBuster: Provides detailed information about items so you can easily decide which item is better
  • Atlasloot Enhanced: Shows loot from all bosses, world drops, PvP items and faction rewards. It has a wishlist so you can add items you need to it by Alt-Click’ing on the item.

Reputation rewards

You should get friendly with all factions to buy their tabard which you can wear in level 84-85 dungeons to gain reputation. If you have been questing in all the new zones you might already have high enough reputation to buy some of the items.

As we get a 5% Intellect bonus by only wearing leather, you shouldn’t use any cloth parts.

Earthen Ring:


Dragonmaw Clan/Wildhammer Clan:

Guardians of Hyjal: