LFM Twitterland Raiding

It started after Blizzard announced cross-realm real ID raiding earlier this year, people on Twitter talked about all the raids they’d like to run with their fellow Twitter friends and Saz of World of Saz got this great idea about starting Twitterland Raiding where people could plan and find others for raids, exchange real ID etc.

I thought this was a really good idea cause it’s sometimes hard to find people who are up for doing old raids, achievements, heroic modes and transmog runs.

There are now over 370 members and more people are registering every day. Most are from US Alliance and they have been raids like Ulduar, Icecrown Citadel and other old raids regularly for some weeks now. I’m not sure if there has been that many raids on US Horde and even fewer on EU Horde and EU Alliance.

I still haven’t done any raids cause I play Horde on EU, so I’m still waiting for more EU Horde players to join us.

Read more and sign up here!

You can also find Twitterland Raiding on Facebook and of course on Twitter.