5 Fandom Friday: Characters I’d Love To Dress Up As For Halloween


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Halloween has never been a big thing here in Norway, at least not when I was little, but it’s getting more and more popular every year. I’m not sure if the kids here celebrate it yet by going trick or treating but I know we never did. Though I have been invited to some Halloween parties where we had to dress up. So I think some people celebrate it but I’ve never seen people decorating their houses or garden except if they’re having a party.

I would love to dress up as some of my favorite characters, the only problem is that I don’t know where to get the costumes. I don’t think I’ll be able to make the costumes myself because I’m not that skilled in crafting stuff and I doubt I have the time and patience to do it. I guess one can find anything on the internet, but I don’t think it’s worth to spend a lot of money on an expensive costume I’ll use once or twice because when can I dress up except for Halloween?

But, if I could choose any five characters to dress up as it would be these:



1. Moonkin: I would love to dress up as a moonkin because they look funny and everyone likes a big feathery owl.


2. Jawa: The jawas are actually one of my favorite races from Star Wars. They seem so mystical with their hoods, glowing eyes and weird language but I think they’re awesome so I would definitely dress up as a jawa.

Arya Stark

3. Arya Stark: My favorite character from Game of Thrones, both the show and the books. I like her because she’s not a typical girl and she’s smart and brave. I think I would have been like her if I lived in that world.


4. Link: I’ve always wanted to dress up as Link because he was my favorite character when I was younger.


5. A witch from Harry Potter: Not necessarily Hermione, but inspired by her and what she wears in the movies.


Which characters would you dress up as for Halloween?

Hallow’s End: Costumes

Hallow’s End has come to an end, ok, that was bad.. But it has. We didn’t have any fancy party or costume contest in-game, I wish we had, cause I enjoy making costumes and RPing. I did make some costumes for some of my characters anyway, mainly for a costume contest on a blog I read, but as it’s over now I wanted to post them here to share.

Here is my warrior Syrcorax in his Baine Bloodhoof costume, here with Cairne Bloodhoof.

This is Baine Bloodhoof in Cataclysm.

A better screenshot of Syrco as Baine.

Here is Syrco as Daisy The Dancing Tauren which appears together with the pink haired gnome Plur on Plur TV in the machinima “Never Stay Tuned 2” by Olibith. Plur and Daisy is made by Baron Soosdon.

Here is Gresskar in a very simple Twilight Cultist costume.

And Syrco again in a Don Carlos costume.

I didn’t celebrate Halloween irl either. I wanted to go to this party but decided not to cause I didn’t really have a costume, so stayed at home with my boyfriend, had tacos for dinner and watched The Book of Eli. But next year I will prepare a costume!

We had a small costume/funny clothing/go-crazy-with-wands event in the guild while waiting for people to log on for raid, which didn’t happen. A few screenshots from it, not very good ones but we had fun.

How did you celebrate Halloween/Hallow’s End, in-game or irl?